Hooded Wife 201

The next morning I got up and downloaded the pictures onto our computer and waited until my wife got up, about two hours later since she slept like a log after the previous night's activities, and we both sat in front of our large monitor. This was to be  the first time she had ever seen herself hooded. Our first hood and collar had been for play-time, not as a fashion statement, so I'd never taken any pictures of it. The first shot that I showed her was a front view from the waist up that filled the screen and really depicted the look well.  It showed just how sleek and feature-revealing the hood was over her face and how jewelry-like the substantial collar was, what with the shiny domed studs with their surrounding grommet-rings looking like rosettes on a necklace. The juxtaposition with the only other feature shown being her awesome breasts made for a most dynamic image. She gasped, and after a minute said "Wow, that  is an amazing look!...................much more over-powering than I imagined." I didn't reply but left it there for her to drink in for at least another minute before moving to my next exhibit; a close-up shot from the back that only showed her from the shoulders up. This view featured her very sleek and shiny feature-less head contrasted against the large extremely brilliant silver hasp with the polished lock in the middle. Again she gasped and paused before saying "That really makes a statement....................very industrial looking, the black and chrome together look like something on a Mercedes". We spent a long time looking at each of the dozen frames accompanied by some mundane commenting. She did have one profound observation " It really makes my boobs stand out". I smiled and said "I hadn't noticed". She playfully punched me and continued "I look like a penis in a black condom on one end and Dolly Pardon on the other." As she stood up she turned towards me and with an obvious blush said "I can see why you like it." I earnestly replied "Yes, it suits you really well." I then couldn't resist quipping "I've always considered your head to be superfluous."
    We spent  weeks with her spending many evenings "captured', or as we took to calling these affairs, "Our quiet time". We would snuggle together on the sofa,  listen to music, and play wih each other until it consumated in passionate love making with her being kept hooded throughout. We'd never before enjoyed such frequent and intense sex. We joked that it was like we were both continually in heat.

Then we started talking about how we just couldn't keep this all to ourselves in the privacy of our home; we were dieing to show it off. Or at least experience the thrill of taking it out in public somehow. I declared that before we could expand our exposure she would have to appreciate how inviolate her outfit really was. I said that I planned to to lock her in, and then leave her by herself for unspecified periods. If she felt I'd left her burdened and alone for too long, she should try her best to escape. I thought she should discover for herself that escape was impossible. After three Saturdays where she tolerated longer and longer periods of a few hours incarceration without being distressed, I next left her for about twelve hours. She became hungry and really pissed and finally tried every maneuver she could think of to extricate herself; all without success. When I ultimately returned home and released her, she had come to the conclusion I wanted her to realize. She was mad for awhile but acknowledged that she'd learned the lesson; respect for the solemnity of her imposed condition.

 We came up with the idea of disguising her by adopting a Muslim head scarf. There were upscale Muslim women in town that dressed very Chic in conjunction with their head scarf style of choice. We located a suitable material that was black with an over-print of asymmetrical white lines that looked like you were playing a game of pick-up-sticks with short white chopsticks on a black table cloth. She found a pair of large white framed dark glasses to wear. The scarf could be wrapped over her head and across her face to come just below the glasses and back down off her shoulders. A couple of pieces of Velcro held it in place. It worked real well and looked genuine. You had to look real careful to catch a glimpse of the hood beneath.
     We took to going out in the evenings to practice walking on uncrowded sidewalks where, with her taking my arm in typical couple fashion, she learned to follow my prompts about stepping off curbs, stopping or turning while appearing to be able to see for herself. She always wore high heeled boots or shoes so a slower and more deliberate gait was expected. We soon graduated to busier sidewalks and mall concourses, and could move about with ease and grace. We would pause and window-shop where I would describe in great detail what she was suppose to be seeing. She would squeeze and rub my arm to show her appreciation. We both got a thrill from these outings and they became a frequent adventure, always followed by great sex when we returned home before I released her from her captivity. A favorite love-making position has been made even better now owing to the opportunity for me to take her pad lock into my mouth and hold onto her neck firmly when entering her from behind doggy-style. I enter her either vaginally or anally then place my hands on top of her's, which she is using to support herself while down on her knees, and then take hold of her lock between my teeth. This keeps her from being able to pull forward and away from my thrusts. A very positive connection is the result which makes for wonderful *******.
    After a few weeks we found that we were going out in this manner 2-3 evenings during the week, after she returned from work, and at least one afternoon over the weekend. She was at least as eager as I to get done-up and go out. We attended car and boat shows at the pavilion, walked along the waterfront promenade with the other couples, and often sat on a bench while I described the people walking past. Malls remained a frequent destination and I would sometimes even leave her alone on a mall bench for maybe 20 minutes, always returning in the promised time. This titillated her because she never knew who might be watching her. One day I intentionally did not return as promised and instead waited about a half hour before returning to sit on another bench about 20 feet away that faced her's. I sat down with a thud and rattled my bags to let her know that someone was sitting directly in front of her, which I repeated periodically over the next half hour so she'd realize someone was still there. I enjoyed watching her as she checked to see that her scarf was properly in place and showed her growing anxiousness as evidenced by her increased fidgeting. Finally I noisily gathered up my bags (just props) and walked away. Some minutes later I returned to sit beside her, put my hand on her leg and spoke to her as usual. She clutched onto my arm and clearly was gratified that I'd returned. I apologized for being delayed, saying I'd become preoccupied looking at some new electronics. That evening when we returned home she seemed to be in an exceptional state of arousal and we had exuberant sex. Later, after I'd released her from her captivity, she confessed that the anticipation of potentially being abandoned and left to her own devices had been a major and unexpected turn-on.
    I should digress here and explain that we had recently relocated, from several states away, to a large city where my wife had been transferred by the large bank for whom she worked as a mid-level executive. We lived in the suburbs and she worked in their tower downtown. I work out of our home and we never socialize as a couple with any of her business associates. As her new outfit provided her with total anonymity, in conjunction with no known association with me, we felt comfortable with going out in public anywhere in our home town. Her wardrobe and look was so different that no one ever expressed any signs of recognition, even though I 'm  pretty sure by now we must have encountered people she knew. A couple of times she recognized someone's voice, but of course she couldn't convey this to me at the time so we made no efforts to move away.
     At some point after our excursions had become a regular practice, I had to admit to myself that this was not just a playful on-a-lark experience. We had discovered something that we both had come to expect to be regularly incorporated into our normal life style. I felt more comfortable while she was kept in captivity than when we went out-and-about with her unencumbered. I was more relaxed, and always put in a good mood the second I snapped her lock closed. It was like taking a feel-good drug. When I told her how I felt, she blushed radiantly and came over to hug me; saying: "I've been feeling the same way, but I felt it was up to you first to express how you'd come to feel about it . You came up with idea initially." I rubbed her bottom and replied: "I feel amazingly attracked to you when you are securely locked into your hood, I always regret when I have to release you." 
    After weeks turned into a few months with this behavior becoming a major part of our relationship, I decided it should be more formalized. As we finished dinner on a night we weren't going out, I stated somewhat emphatically that I wanted us to instill a discipline into our regimen. I went on to say: "I feel that the essence of of our mutually enjoyed epiphany requires that from now on you always be hooded and locked into your collar before we go out as a couple. The only key will always be left at home so there won't be any chance to reconsider your position. This discipline will ensure that the serenity of the bond we've created will endure." She thought for a minute, blushed, and replied: "I love the idea, it will be very special". I said: "The only woman I want to be seen associated with is my retiring, seemingly obedient, head-scarfed Muslim wife." She got up, came around the table, and put her arms around my neck and whispered: "Just don't ask me to wear a burka, I still want to dress stylishly and show off my figure". I replied: "I wouldn't want it any other way".
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May 9, 2012