Hooded Wife

This is a true story of a loving relationship. I have taught my wife to really enjoy being totally subjugated and dependent on me for all direction when we frequently lock her head within a full-enclosure rubber hood. Her hood is custom made of .8mm black latex molded with anatomical features to provide a most form-following fit. It extends down over her neck to the top of her shoulders and has a rear zipper from the top of her head down. Her hair is cut short to the top of her neck. The only openings are nostril holes. It has an attached internal penis gag that is just my size. It is molded of solid but pliable rubber with a small hole through the center that allows liquids to be sucked up when a small diameter straw is stuck into the outer end. The penis head is molded to match mine exactly, with the overall gag length only a little over 2" to allow for extended wear without discomfort. The tightness of the hood keeps her mouth closed around it and makes for a very effective gag.
    The hood is secured by a custom made locking posture style-collar about 3" tall which is made of thick polished black leather. It has stainless steel grommets with about 3/8" openings, staggered up and down all around the collar, that fit tightly over respective stainless steel studs attached to the rubber hood neck. The studs look like a slightly domed Tums tablet and finish just above the grommets. In back there is a full height machined stainless hasp that is nonadjustable and snugly closes the collar. It has a 2 1/4" long vertical lock tab that extends up from the bottom plate through a snug slot in the top plate, with a small hole tight above to just receive a medium size Master padlock. This design prevents any twisting of the collar. There is a notch in the lower plate that captures the hood's zipper pull when it is covered by the upper plate. The result is the hood can neither be unzipped nor pulled off when the collar is locked in place. The collar's purpose is to ensure the maintenance of her anonimity and to prevent her, or anyone else, from removing her hood without my authorization. This establishes the essence of her subjugation by me. A 'D' ring is attached at the front of the collar to allow a leash to be attached. It is a sleek high quality piece of craftsmanship.
    We took to referring to her being 'captured' as our buzz-word for her encasement and enjoyed many sexually charged hours with her so attired. She loved the activity and had come to eagerly await her periods of captivity with which she associated her serenity and our sexuality. After awhile we wanted to expand the adventure and I proposed we find a way to go out in public with her being 'captured'..............Coming to this realization took quite a long time as it was a gradual process; first getting her comfortable with being hooded and then accepting that she was to be locked into the hood with what I initially called a 'hood retaining collar'.  We had started out playing with a blindfold as part of our sex play and then I introduced the first hood as a plaything, which titillated her since she never could tell when or where I might next touch her. The purpose of either of these blinding devices is of course to concentrate her attention on her bodies sensations without experiencing any extraneous distractions. I effusively told her how much I liked the look of her sleek nude body with the hood on. I encouraged her to be this way while we snuggled on the sofa and listened to music. Next the first collar was presented as a surprise gift with the suggestion that I liked the idea of being in control of when she took the hood off. At first we had a store-bought rubber collar that matched our off-the-shelf hood (no gag). It had an adjustable hasp that could receive a small padlock, but was really not very securing. It did create the desired effect of her release being only at my instigation. She thought this was fun and very much enjoyed all the unexpected caressing as we relaxed on the sofa, which soon became a several-night-a-week ritual. The additional attention was very popular. I waited longer and longer before unlocking the collar and always left her hooded until we finished love making, which I made sure took longer each time. One day I brought home a leash and got her to let me use it to guide her to the bathroom and later upstairs to our bed. She thought this fit in with the practice of me having to unlock the collar before she could remove the hood, I think.
    After maybe 3 months of this becoming our typical behavior, which had turned out to produce the most lustful intimacy of our relationship, I proposed that we have a very fine custom hood and collar made for her as a birthday present. I was thrilled that she had a favorable response.  She was surprised and flattered that I wanted to pay this much attention and money to something that just made her more attractive  in our private play. I had been researching on line to locate a bondage craftsman that could undertake such a project. The one I chose lived in another city so we made a fun weekend trip to visit his shop. He tried on different hoods and collars, took many measurements, and suggested how they might work together to be secured. He also made a plaster-of-Paris impression of her face to mold that portion. Never did we mention the gag part because I'd told the craftsman that I wanted that to be a surprise.  After we got back home I followed his instructions and made a plaster-of-Paris impression of the last 3" of my erect penis, and sent it to him to mold the gag from. 
    After about a month, and just the week before her birthday, the finished combo arrived by UPS. On her birthday, which was a Saturday, I placed the hood, collar, and lock in a fancy gift box with the collar on top, and put a bow and one red rose bud on the lid. I placed the present on the living room coffee table. We had an early dinner and drank a bottle of wine with the meal. Afterwards I directed her into the living room and beckoned towards the box. She knew generally what to expect, or so she thought, but when she saw the collar she let out a gasp; it looked like an exquisite piece of jewelery made out of polished patent leather and stainless steel. A far cry from what she had known as a 'hood retaining collar' previously. Next she picked up the hood and immediately commented on it's weight. I replied that it was twice as thick as the ready-made one and had panel seams, and that the 12 sturdy studs were also heavy. She looked it over admiringly, and then unzipped it and saw the penis gag sticking straight up towards her. She looked at me in shock and asked "what is this?" I replied that it was an exact copy of her favorite part of me and it was intended to keep her continually reminded of our sexuality. I'm sure she had never even thought about, let alone seen, a penis gag protruding into a hood. What I didn't tell her was that this unexpected appendage constituted the essence of her new 'outfit'. She didn't say anything else while fingering the gag carefully for at least 2-3 minutes. At this point I said "Why don't you try it on?".................still no comment, but she reached up and removed the choker necklace she was wearing and picked up the hood, but seemed perplexed about how to put it on. I stood up and said "let me help you" and took it from her. I folded the unzipped sides and the crown forward, exposing the gag, and came around behind her and said "open your mouth" and gently pushed the gag inside over her tongue. I was careful not to push it all the way in, and then folded the face up and the crown back and over her head. Next I reached down and moved to pull the chin pocket down under her jaw. Since she'd taken the gag in, her jaw was somewhat lower in it's open position and the rubber face area had to to be stretched taut in order for the chin pocket to fit under her jaw. This forced her jaw to close down on the gag under some tension. She let out a little grunt of surprise and reached to feel how the face and mouth area felt. I didn't pause, and moved to pull the side pieces back around her head where they left about a 2" gap at the zipper in back. I quickly took hold of the zipper pull with my right hand and tried to pull the gap together at the bottom with my other hand, and started to zip it, which went well until it got down to about her eye level at which point the zipper wasn't coming together because the gag was still partially outside her mouth. I told her somewhat abruptly to "force your jaw open a little", which she did reactively, and I simultaneously quickly pushed the zipper down the rest the way; which forced the gag all the way inside her mouth while exerting a nice even tension all over the stretched hood. She let out a much louder startled grunt, jumped up, and ran her hands all over the hood exploring the fit while trying to force her jaw more open...............I think it was at this moment that  she first realized that she could not speak! She immediately appeared agitated and then reached around behind to attempt to unzip the hood. I grabbed her hands and in a very soothing voice told her to put her hands down at her side; as I picked up the collar telling her firmly to lift her chin, which she compliantly did. I reached around to her front and wrapped the collar around her neck, fitting the grommets over the protruding studs, and pushed the hasp together. It fit perfectly! I already had the lock in my right hand and I quickly inserted it through the receiver hole and snapped it closed. This collaring occurred very quickly and took her by surprise while she was preoccupied contemplating the sensation of the gag fully inside her mouth. The whole collaring exercise did not take more than 10 seconds before I backed away. Her agitation increased and she stumbled forward, running into the coffee table, while trying to feel all over the hood and collar. She was loudly grunting and trying to speak out, which of course was unintelligible. The sizeable penis gag and severely restrictive collar did impose a greater impact upon her than our previous play items, and certainly was not what she expected.

I let her carry on for about a minute before calmly starting to expound about how well they both fit and complementing her on how terrific she looked wearing them. I counseled her to breath in slowly and deeply through her nose to help tolerate the gag. I did not make any mention of her inability to speak, but after a few minutes I did ask her if the gag felt like me; proposing that she give a thumbs up for 'yes'. No response. I should mention here that the collar was tall enough, and contoured to follow her jaw and neck lines in a manner that limited her ability to nod or shake her head. It did cause her to always assume an attractive erect posture, as well as rendering her further incommunicado. This design was also a surprise to her. 
    She continued pacing around the middle of the living room, stridently grunting, and feeling over the the hood and collar for several more minutes in obvious consternation and confusion. As her sense of surprise subsided she calmed a bit. At this point she started grabbing at the padlock  and earnestly grunting in an obvious appeal to me to unlock her. I gently took her arm and calmly implored her to come back and sit on the sofa, which she did probably thinking I was going to comply with her request. I sat next to her, putting my arm around her, and said in a matter-of-fact tone "I'm not going to release you from captivity for quite awhile so please try to learn to accept and appreciate your new outfit." She went rigid for a few moments in shock, and then jumped up and started pulling on the collar and yanking on the lock while circling around and traumatically grunting; interspersed with muffled howls. She sounded very different from anything I'd heard her enunciate before. I think here a sense of terror had set in as she realized that her new encasement provided functional, not just symbolic, imprisonment. While she knew that a finely crafted locking hood was being  made for her, she had not anticipated that it would turn out to be invincible. ............Here she was with her mouth stuffed full, her head held rigidly in one position, and now she discovers that her containment is inviolate and may last indefinitely. A little fustration was probably to be expected.

After several minutes, she slumped down in rejection on the sofa, having become reconciled to the fact that she was unable to extricate herself, and would in fact be dependent upon me to release her only when I saw fit. This was evident from her body language, and certainly was the realization that I had intended for her to come to.

After about 15 minutes of us sitting there, I calmly spoke again saying that I was sorry to surprise her this way but that I'd been afraid to tell her all about it at the measurement stage for fear she wouldn't go along, however I'd been confident from the start that once she was wearing it she would come to embrace all that the gag and rigid collar offered. There was no response. I concluded by telling her that I thought she looked absolutely wonderful and was now the girl of my dreams.
    I continued to sit quietly next to her while we listened to some  mellow jazz, but didn't try to caress her for about an hour, and she didn't respond appreciatively for maybe another hour. She periodically ran her hands all over her sleek rubber head, and worked her alien gag around the little that it could be moved back and forth, to gain some familiarity with the situation her new present had bestowed upon her. She could have had no inkling of the affect being obligated to hold this penis replica would come to have on her psych.
Somewhere in here I said I was getting up to bring her a glass of water, which caused her to stiffen momentarily in curiosity and surprise, I assumed. I brought her a glass of ice water with a tall straw, about the diameter of a cocktail straw, with a flexible upper end. I told her to hold still and I pushed the the end into the little hole in the middle of the gag base and told her to suck. Pushing the straw into the receiver hole had pushed open the one-way check valve that had prevented any exhaling of breath, and of course prevented any noise emission. As she sucked the action of her cheeks and tongue squeezing against the gag, followed by relaxing and swallowing, was very apparent through the tight latex and looked real cool. The action was exactly the same as sucking on my penis, which I'm sure she immediately realized. She reached to take hold of the glass and after many suck-swallow cycles, as necessitated by the tiny straw, she emptied it. She sat back and didn't move for about 10 minutes. She then reached over and touched my leg with her hand before patting her pelvis; an unmistakable signal that she needed to pee. I reached over to the coffee table and picked up the leash and snapped it onto her new collar while at the same time standing up, and with my hand choked up to leave about 2' of leash, I gently tugged on it to beckon her to also stand, which she did. As she stood she let the simple diaphanous gown she'd been wearing drop to the floor and stepped out of it, while leaving her high-heeled mules on. I led her nude into the bathroom, stood in front of her as she peed, and then led her back again to the sofa; unsnapping her leash after she sat down as was our habit. When I resumed caressing her she at last seemed to enjoy it and after about 15 minutes of this I gently pushed her down sideways so she laid her head down on the pillows at the end of the sofa and I reached for her closest leg and lifted it over me and set it up on the sofa back. I picked up her other leg and placed it across my lap. I then bent towards her and slithered my hips away from her so that mouth could reach her vagina. Without any other action I probed for her **** with my tongue and sucked and tongued it at great length as she relaxed and her **** got hard and prominent. I kept this up until she shuddered, moaned, and came; as evidenced by her getting real wet. She had laid still all during this and I now stood up, letting her leg fall from my lap, and undid my lounging pants to expose my erect penis. Without saying anything, I suspended myself above her and abruptly jammed my unit into her vagina and started ******* her  as energetically as ever. Eventually we both came at the same time in a great mutual climax. We collapsed into each others arms and I knew we had gotten by our little 'misunderstanding'. We both fell asleep for about an hour without even cleaning ourselves up first. I just pulled the old quilt over us.
    We both awoke about midnight and I stood up and stretched while she was able to stretch out further on the sofa. I reached down and took hold of her hand and said I wanted to take some pictures so I could show her how great she looks; for her to view the next morning. I pulled on her arm to get up and guided her around the coffee table to the open area, picking up my little digital camera off the table on the way. I took about 10 pictures as she stood there and then asked her to get down on her knees so that I might take some shots from above, which I did. She looked so hot kneeling there that I was hard again and I leaned forward and lightly brushed my penis against her right cheek. She at once reached up with both hands and took hold of me and rubbed it firmly back and forth along her cheeks, alternating from one side to the other. It reminded me of how a cat rubs it's cheeks against things it likes. I then knew that she was going to be able to express herself non verbally just fine. This exited me greatly and I reached down and gently pulled her to her feet with a hand under each upper arm. I then reached around and cupped both buttocks and lifted her up off the floor and planted her onto my erect member, as she wrapped her legs around my waist and her arms around my neck and pushed her prominent breasts against my chest. She felt wonderful. Her head was right in front of mine and I started kissing her all over her face, tracing her features with my nose and lips as I appreciated the slick feel and the smell of the rubber; it was delicious. I rubbed my cheeks against her's in the same manner she'd done with my unit. She writhed against me in obvious pleasure. I then bounced her up and down violently until we both climaxed, which didn't take very long! I just continued to stand there with her tightly wrapped around me for several minutes before carrying her upstairs with me still inside her. I backed her over the bed and laid her down but she seemed reluctant to let me go. When she relaxed I stood up and said it was now time for me to release her from her first proper captivity (but most certainly not her last).......She rolled over and I unlocked the padlock and carefully disengaged the collar from all the studs. It then took both my hands to unzip the tensioned zipper. She then folded the hood forward so she could move it away from her face and pull out the gag. She breathed deeply through her mouth and opened and closed it wide a few times to stretch her jaw muscles, but didn't say anything. Her hair was wet with sweat and you could see indentations where the seams had extended down her head just in front of her ears. Her face was flushed real red and it was evident the hood wouldn't want to be any tighter. I put the hood and collar over on the dresser, and taking her hand, beckoned her to come take a shower with me. I washed her all over and helped her dry off, and she slowly walked back towards the bedroom as I finished up. When I returned to the bedroom she was standing at the dresser methodically examining first the hood and then the collar. I got in bed and held the sheets back for her to join me, which she did. She lay facing away from me and snuggled her bottom against me and I put my arm around her and held her breasts and we just laid there for maybe 3-4 minutes before I said "Now what do you think of your birthday present?"  She waited about a minute to reply; the first time she'd spoken since being freed, and said only "It'll be OK" before falling asleep with my arm around her. I felt gratified over the major hurdle we'd surmounted.

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Hot story!

Have you read many of the episodes I've posted? My wife is still locked into her 'penis hood' anytime we leave our house together or entertain at home. It has made for a wonderful relationship.

no i will see if i can find it.

Google: I would like to tell the story of my hooded wife and I. This will be followed by Hooded Wife 201 (and other numbers that denote episodes ) There are 38 in all.

I just found your epic story, and searched for the earliest part. I love it, and I'm going to read every part, but savour it slowly. Thank you for sharing this.