Hooded Wife 205

About a month after we'd returned from our weekend trip to Portland, I received a friendly email from Ethan, of our new friends Ethan and Olivia whom we had met there. He said that they couldn't stop talking about how fascinated they were with our Saturday Market presentation. It seems that Olivia particularly was very taken by my wife's embracement of her subjugated status and the way I had taken care of her. He went on to say that Olivia had finally come to him and said that she would like to experience this for herself. He had initially been reluctant to show any enthusiasm for her proposal since, as he told her, he didn't think they should copy us. Olivia had continued to express her desire to be publicly burdened in a similar manner. Ethan was writing to ask me if I'd mind if they put together their own version of our act. He confided that assuming I gave my permission he was not intending to agree to her request right away. He wanted to be sure that this wasn't just a passing fancy with her and said he'd wait to see if she actually begged to be hooded. He said that if she persisted he'd be thrilled to cooperate, but wouldn't let on to her that he would be so pleased.

I smiled and replied that I had no objection to them pursuing the same gratification that we enjoyed and that I'd be glad to share my knowledge about how to get there. I provided him with the name of the craftsman that had fabricated our custom hood and collar; who lived not far from Portland. He was grateful that I consented and promised to get back with me when they got it together. I told my wife about Olivia's desire to share her experience and she was real pleased to learn this.

Another month or so passed until I received word from Ethan that they were to take delivery of their hood the next week. He told me that they had been following my suggestion that they practice walking around together with her wearing a blindfold, and that Olivia had grown confident taking his arm. He said they'd tried walking with her also being leashed, but that clearly this was going to take more experience. He said they went hiking in the distant foothills with her on a leash for the day, but without being blindfolded. He had also insisted that just she go nude, except for shoes, to better appreciate her submissive posture. He volunteered that they had both enjoyed  the outing and endorsed the  Dom-Sub  bonding opportunity provided by  her being leashed for the whole day while they moved about. He talked about how different and restricting that was compared to a normal trail hike. He said they agreed in advance to not disconnect at all and were surprised by how intimate that 4' attachment becomes. Olivia discovered that only moving when and where she was led took some getting use to. Being led behind a bush and watched while she peed was pleasantly humiliating, she had confessed. They both were titillated by the anticipation that they might encounter others on the trail, but they didn't. He had told her that if they did meet other people he expected her to act proud of her status and do nothing to hide. He said he was prepared to be nonchalant and say nothing about their arrangement. All good submissive obedience training for sure and it did sound like a fun adventure. I told him I liked their style. I also told him he had something to look forward to because keeping her on a leash when she is blind and speechless is even more rewarding.

Ethan said that they'd like to meet us to show off their adaptation of our practice. I reminded him that my wife would be unable to actually see Olivia's outfit, which would be a little awkward since Olivia had been able to see her's as well as to speak to my wife. Ethan asserted that this was irrelevant since now neither would be able to see nor speak, and pointed out that they'd never seen one another unhooded. He claimed I was the one at an advantage because I'd seen the real Olivia and he'd not seen my wife. I proposed that they come to Seattle and meet up with us at Volunteer Park the next Saturday afternoon. I said that my wife had a new look and would be unleashed that day.

We were both excited to meet our new friends again and to 'see' what they'd come up with. I promised my wife that I would explain Olivia's outfit in detail after they'd had an opportunity to greet each other. It seemed like it took a long time for the next Saturday to arrive. My wife didn't drink coffee that morning, or anything else for a couple of hours before she was to dress, so that she wouldn't need to pee for a while. It was arranged that we were to meet at the reservoir at 2:30 so an hour before we started the joint effort of fitting my wife into her high-waisted latex leggings. They were made of thicker latex to best follow, form, and smooth her curves into the perfect shape. The panels that defined her cheeks, however, were made of thinnest weight latex to allow these to be accentuated and not at all compressed. Her protruding cheeks could freely bounce and gyrate with wondrous results. The leggings had to be well dusted with talcum powder before slowly being pulled on and smoothed out, working from her ankles up. Once they'd been pulled up to the widest part of her hips, which took considerable stretching, the zipper started which had enabled them to be radically cut inward from there up. I always had to zip her because it was under too much tension for her to do alone while trying to simultaneously pull them up. Once they were in place she would have to walk around and twist and bend to get used to their constriction. They extended up to just below her breasts and the form they created was absolutely sensational. Her waist was really cinched in and her stomach was flattened out. Everything available was channeled to the protrusion of her buttocks. The result was the idealized female shape.

Next she would don her very expensive 36 G custom bra that maximized her projection and brought her breasts to soft points sticking out fully 8" while retaining a natural, non contrived, shape. She pulled on her very stretchy long sleeved top that hugged her smoothly everywhere and ended right below her bra, barely overlapping her leggings. She sat on the edge of the bed and put on her zip ankle booties that had 1" diameter cylindrical heels about 5" tall, before  carefully examining herself approvingly in the full length mirror. Since this would be her last opportunity to comment, I asked her if she was pleased with what she saw. She replied,"Very, I'm just amazed how curvaceous I look". She of course did not have to concern herself with hair or make up because next she donned her hood. The first step in being hooded was for her to take a deep breath and insert the 2 3/4 " long life-size penis gag in over her tongue, before pulling the front up over the crown of her head and stretching the chin-pocket down into place. I would then help fold the sides back around and start the zipper top while she positioned the molded facial features and smoothed it out towards the back. I needed to use my left hand to hold the sides together at the zipper bottom while pulling the zipper closed down the back, since it was under some tension in order to end up properly stretched into place. At this point I carefully fit her collar around her neck and over the neck studs to allow the hasp to be closed. I immediately pushed the padlock through the tight hole and snapped it closed to seal the deal. With her anonymity assured, her alter ego appeared.

She was now properly encased in what had become her uniform and was suitable to be presented in public. As usual I felt a sense of relief knowing that now she would remain burdened this way until I was ready to release her. Finally I polished her hood and leggings, with silicone sprayed on a soft rag, to a matching high gloss black. We then drove to Volunteer Park and walked up the paved path, hand in hand, to the reservoir where I'd agreed to meet Ethan and Olivia. I continually watched my inimitable wife, especially her bottom, and was just incredulous that such a creature was holding my hand. Her pronounced cheeks were individually defined and freely flexed and bounced as unrestricted as if she were nude; with the display wonderfully telegraphed by the shiny rubber. I liked to walk her at a brisk pace as this produced the best action in high heels. She looked as dynamic that day as I'd ever seen her. God, I was proud of her. I smiled with satisfaction as I realized that I'd never felt closer to her as a person or more entralled with her sexually. Unquestionably this was how she belonged as my lover. I was really excited to show off her new and improved style to Ethan and Olivia.

The reservoir is round and adjoined by a wide circling walkway separated by an iron railing. As we approached, I could see a couple on the far side and we headed around towards them. They then saw us and walked our way. From this distance I could tell that Ethan's date on his arm looked different from the Olivia I remembered. As we closed I saw a shapely blond with a coiffured hairdo, large blue eyes, and bright red lips. She appeared to be wearing a tight blue latex pencil skirt and red high heeled sandals. She wore a low cut white top with a brief little distressed denim jacket held open by decent sized jiggling breasts. She was clearly bra-less. When they got within fifty feet I recognized the silver collar that Olivia wore in Portland, which was the first indication it was she. At twenty five feet I realized that she wore a flesh colored hood with painted-on eyes and mouth and a wig. Her face had the familiar dropped chin, hollow cheek, gaunt look that was indicative of a filled mouth. Just like my wife, her lips were held open as they surrounded the end of their 1 5/8" diameter cylindercaI inserts. I was smiling big as was Ethan as we each stared at the other's lady. When he and I met we grasped each others hand and greeted each other warmly while the women had stopped four feet apart. After a minute of exchanged greetings, he reached to take Olivia's hand and extended her arm out towards my wife. I did the same with her hand and guided it so that she and Olivia could clasp their hands. They immediately moved together and exuberantly hugged while emitting muffled squeals and grunts, before starting to explore each other with all hands. After some seconds Ethan told Olivia to stand still so that 'Pet' could learn her, reminding her that she'd seen Pet's outfit before. My wife quickly and thoroughly felt Olivia all over from the top of her head, down over her skirt, and even to her shoes. She spent more time carefully feeling over her face and back around her neck to discover the padlock that was hanging just below her collar. She felt Olivia's covered eyes and mouth before grabbing her in another, longer, hug. I then asked my wife to stand still so that Olivia could reacquaint herself with her. Olivia had already discovered that my wife was now clad in tight latex from her bust down, and she ran her hands all over my wife's lower half admiringly. Ethan and I had been standing back watching our girls learn each other without saying much other than to mutually express how attractive we thought the other's wife looked. He reached to straighten Olivia's wig that my wife's explorations had displaced, and I undertook to describe Olivia's look for my wife. Ethan showed me how her hood was properly secured by the padlock being fitted through a hole in the zipper pull-tab below her permanent metal collar. The lock was too big to pass inside the collar so her hood could be neither unzipped nor pulled off. I congratulated them both on a job well done and told Olvia that I thought her new look was very sexy.

I proposed that we walk around the park. I took hold of my wife's hand and Ethan placed Olivia's on his arm and we slowly strolled along while he and I conversed. We eventually ended up at the rose garden which adjoined the entry plaza fronting the conservatory, a very popular place. He and I would place our wive's hand at the base of rose flowers so that they could then bend to smell them. Here was a stellar example of the benefit derived from the hood's restriction of our ladies' situational awareness. There were many other people there and we were being gawked at, but we said nothing about this to our wives who remained oblivious to everything, except what we chose to convey to them. As the girls bent over to smell the offered flowers, their bottoms pointed towards the onlookers were even more delightfully pronounced. Fortunately there were a lot of blooming roses to smell. Olivia's outfit may have appeared more conventional than my wife's, but when she bent over, her bottom clad in tightly stretched bright blue latex was second to none. It was all very pleasant and I know the four of us were content and happy as could be. 

We next all climbed into my car and drove a few blocks to the Capital Hill district which we had been frequenting as of late. I explained that this was the epicenter of Seattle kink and hipness. As she exited the car Olivia removed her little jacket, to better display her shoulder tattoo I'm sure. She wore a front and back scooped-neck tank top which showed off both her elaborate tattoo work and her noticeable breasts. We walked along the familiar street accompanied by the occasional favorable comment that I'd wanted Olivia to experience. From her body language I think she was as pleased as my wife always is. We sat at a restaurant outdoor table and drank ice teas. The girls slowly sucked through their skinny straws while being silently observed by other patrons. As we walked out, a guy said "You two are the hottest dolls on the Hill". My wife hesitated and then tilted her bottom towards him as we passed, as an unmistakeable acknowlegement.  The two of them together made a dramatic statement for female objectification and the joy of keeping your submissive attractively burdened. I'm sure Ethan's and my pride was apparent.
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