Hooded Wife 304

A week after our fitting session I returned to Nordstrom's by myself to pick up my wife's new suits. Lina greeted me with a big smile and went to retrieve the suits from the tailor. She was wearing an all white clingy sweater dress with a wide brown leather belt and matching pumps. As she walked away, I was captivated by just how spectacular her bottom looked. She had high round buttocks that were quite pronounced, but not in the same league with my wife's for sticking straight out. What I liked was that she showed them off so noticeably while at work. She wore panty hose but that didn't inhibit her cheeks from moving in a free and very provocative manner. Maybe she put a little something extra into her gait for my benefit; if so I appreciated the effort. She returned with the clothes bags and said: "Your wife should look very classy in these." I thanked her and she went on in a quiet voice: "Please call me, I really want to talk with you! You have my number, I'm off all day Thursday." I promised to call her. Once again it was apparent her nipples had become erect as she spoke to me. I didn't know whether she found me attractive, or more likely, was titillated by my keeping my wife subjugated and exhibited as a sex object.
That evening, my wife was excited to see how she looked in her new suits, that she hadn't yet seen. She changed out of the boxy blazer and mid-calf skirt she'd worn to work and prepared to become a stylish society lady. She donned her maximizer bra, a scoop neck stretchy sleeveless top in cream, and her new Spanx Shaping Bodysuit that was going to best replicate the shape produced by her leggings. It was made of elastic and Spandex with non-restricting cheek pockets and ran tightly from a high waist to mid thigh. It also featured a slit to allow urination without removal. She tried on the plum suit first and then the gray pinstriped one. Both fit her just fine after the extensive tailoring. She did look prim, but they flattered her major breasts and especially her protruding buttocks a lot more noticeably than her typical work outfits. She looked like a fashionable society woman who was blessed with an hour-glass shape, kept discretely clad. She next tried on the two outfits with her major-cleavage bra and no under-tops. This gave a different image; a conventionally outfitted lady who was comfortable showing off her dynamic cleavage. It would allow for a showy necklace to be worn between her collar and her cleavage, for yet another level of display. It did not come off as risque or cheap looking, but certainly sexier. I told her to go shopping for expensive heels and coordinated bag, like such a lady would wear. I didn't need to tell her that they needed to pair with black. I also didn't let on that I had just experienced an epiphany about what I could give her for Christmas to complement her latest style.
I called Lina Thursday morning and invited her to meet me for a late lunch at the chic Palisades restaurant overlooking the Seattle Marina. I knew she'd appreciate what a classy place this was and dress appropriately. I arrived early, secured a window table up front, and asked the hostess to escort my date there when she checked in. Lina did not disappoint, she appeared at the top of the stairs leading down a few feet into the dining room and held everyone's attention all the way across the dining room. She wore a tight stretchy orange skirt that stopped just above her knees, and a loose purple sleeveless blouse with a very deep V that extended well below her breasts. The inner half of each breast was exposed as cleavage, and her barely covered nipples were plainly evident through the diaphanous material. She had on 5" tall platform snake pumps, a simple gold link necklace, and carried a snake-skin clutch purse held down to her side. She looked spectacular and I immediately thought it ironic how she exhibited the style my wife would have featured before adopting her hood and collar regimen. Lina had only observed my wife encased in her uniform so this was a pleasant coincidence. I smiled appreciatively as she approached, and greeted her with: "You look like you deserve to be hooded." She flushed and said: "I'll take that as a complement." Her nipples were once again rigidly protruding, unrestricted by any bra this time, and I couldn't resist teasing her: "I notice you're pleased to see me!" She blushed even redder and replied; "I wanted to look nice so you'd consider me worthy of your coaching." I studied her for a few minutes and then solemnly stated: "You look exquisite." We made small talk and ordered a drink and salmon-on-dill sandwiches. In conversation, I asked her what her impression had been when we'd come into her store with my wife holding onto my arm, but also being attached to me by a silver chain leash. She replied: "I thought it looked terrific! That was the first thing that caught my attention. As an accessory it read like jewelry, and it emphasized your theme most successfully."
After the waitress had cleared our plates, I broached the subject we'd come to discuss by pointing out that: "You know hooded ladies don't get to dine in fine restaurants even if their men do." She smiled coyly and replied: "A small price to pay"...............And then continued: " I want my boy friend to insist that I be kept hooded because he wants to keep my beauty for himself alone, and chooses to subjugate me in that manner as his submissive lover. I want him to attentively take care of me like you do your wife. I want to see him take great pride in his hooded lady." I smiled and she quipped: "No pun intended................I want him to be enthralled with the sexual connotation of our new practice. As for me, I want to feel possessed by him and be subject to his direction in all things." I remained quiet for a minute while I contemplated her 'mission statement' before replying: "You sound as if you've given this a lot of consideration and have an appreciation of the psychology involved................How do you feel about being displayed hooded in public?"  " I'm very excited by that, as long as he is proud of me."  I went on trying to learn what her thinking was: "How do you see yourself being dressed?" She  gestured with her hand down her front: "Like this at first, but I keep dreaming about wearing a latex catsuit everywhere."  "Do you also dream about being leashed?" "Of course," she shyly replied. I smiled at her approvingly while studying her face for any sign of insincerity or trepidation, but found none. "How much time do you see yourself spending hooded?" I asked. " As much as my boyfriend wants, but a lot I hope."
"You seem to have the perspective now that it took me a long time to instill in my wife. Your situation is the opposite of what we started with. You want to convince your man to appreciate your subjugation, while I had to teach my wife to enjoy being burdened. It was very gratifying for me to succeed in training my wife to embrace this totally different relationship; I see no reason why you couldn't experience the same satisfaction." Lina looked serious and said: "Are you sure you don't mind my wanting to so closely copy your situation?" I replied with equal seriousness: "I take it as a complement that you find us so attractive that you want something similar for yourself."
"How is your boyfriend reacting to your attempts to cast yourself as submissive?" I asked.  "I've been rather subtle in my introduction, but he does seem to be taking more control over everyday decisions. Where he really has bought into the dominant role is over choosing my clothes. He definitely picks more revealing things for me than what I was selecting before, and pays me more complements when we go out together. He always wants me to go bra-less and pantyless. I've really enjoyed the results, he holds onto my bottom frequently and looks at my boobs more often. He initiates the choice process now without me prompting him, he even picks my work outfits everyday. We now go shopping together for all my clothes and I try everything on and then buy only what he likes the most." I told her that all sounded beneficial. "Order yourself a black high-waisted latex pencil skirt and tell him you thought he'd approve," I suggested. "It will get him appreciating the wonders of latex. Order a size smaller that your normal for the best fit. It will make your butt look very pronounced and most shapely. I'll bet he chooses it frequently, and he won't be able to keep his hands off your bottom. Ask to wear it during the day on Saturday with a slim fitting short black leather jacket and classy boots. Don't silicone polish it, just leave it with it's natural satin patina, it won't look fetish but will be most flattering...............That is one of my favorite looks on my wife, even before she was hooded."
" So tell me how the first stage of sexually training your boyfriend has been going," I requested. Lina smiled with obvious delight at finally getting to tell me about it: "Very well I believe, I've adamantly refused him access to my lower body and have kept his penis in my mouth a great deal. I've gotten him to routinely come three times in succession when we are love making, something that never happened when we were mixing up our manners of intercourse. I tell him I prefer to pleasure him in only the best way I know how. He seems content with this, but I yearn to have him enter my vagina and anus again." I responded in a professorial tone: "Just be patient, you've been successful with the first stage of his indoctrination, congratulations!  Keep it up for now and we'll introduce the next step...........Have you told him about your encounters with the hooded customer?" She smiled demurely and said: "Yes, I've mentioned you two several times. I'm sure he sees that I'm fascinated with her, but I haven't suggested that I'm interested in it for me."

" Good," I replied. "The next step is for us to arrange for you and he to encounter my wife and I in a favorable setting.  I propose we both attend the new-book-reading at Elliott Bay Books on Saturday evening. There will be sit down readings by the author followed by a meet-the-author coffee social. You'll have an opportunity to view my wife from a distance and then I'll 'recognize' you from the store and come greet you. You'll greet both of us in return; and then you can introduce your boyfriend to me and I'll introduce my wife to him...............and we'll see how it goes from there. My wife will dress in her latex skirt and leather jacket combo that I recommended for you, and she will of course be openly locked into her hood as always. When your latex skirt arrives in a couple weeks, and you wear the similar style, he'll pick up on your favorable association."
We walked together out through the dining room and I was feeling pretty pleased about my new friend's submissive-indoctrination progress, and certainly pleased to be accompanying another stunning foxy lady. I helped her don her jacket, a light gray button-up cloth car coat, and escorted her to her BMW. I fantasied about how wonderful it would be if she were on my arm hooded as she desired to be. I knew she was worthy of whatever contributions I could contribute towards this admirable objective. We hugged, and I left her with the admonition to be very careful what she said in my wife's presence because she is extra sharp and perceptive since hearing is her only available input.   
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Jan 7, 2013