Hooded Wife 305

I called up the bondage craftsman that had created my wife's original hood and collar to discuss having a new version made. My intent was to furnish my wife with a less sexually suggestive hood with a less flashy retaining collar, while still providing comparable functionality. I thought this more conservative containment would coordinate better with her newly adopted mainstream dress. I wanted to have her new outfit manufactured in time to give it to her as her Christmas present. What I had in mind was to modify the penis gag so that her lips were held nearly closed, as opposed to her current model that holds her mouth open around the 1 5/8" diameter gag shank. This would require making the face molding different as the jaw would not now be held in a lowered position. To retain the efficacy of the gag, while allowing her mouth to be closed, it's shank needed to start just behind her teeth and then keep the original size and shape from there back. The molded lips were separated by only a 1/4" high by 1 5/8" wide bar that extended inward a quarter inch or so to allow her teeth to nearly close in front of the gag shank. The forward end of the shank was shaped to lie against the backside of her teeth and gums. Once again a hole ran lengthwise through the gag to allow sucking liquid in via a tiny straw. The hood's entry zipper was stout black metal as before.

The retaining collar was to be made less conspicuous by virtue of being all black without the shiny silver accents of her standard collar. The retaining studs and rings, along with the hasp and lock, were to be anodized flat black. The collar was of satin black napa leather instead of shiny patent leather.The configuration of the hasp and studs were identical to the original design which had proven most secure.

The craftsman said he could create this new version from our original moldings so no new impressions would be required from my wife. I was pleased to hear this because I wanted to surprise her at Christmas. I knew she would be grateful for an approved rendition that allowed her to be more easily accepted into polite society.

When my wife and I were seated eating dinner Thursday evening I told her that Lina, the very helpful sales clerk from Nordstroms, had asked me to give her a call when I'd returned to retrieve her tailored suits. I had done so out of curiosity, and learned that she was very attracted to our special relationship surrounding my wife's hooded persona. I told my  wife that Lina wanted her boyfriend to observe us for himself and maybe meet us, but she didn't yet want him to know of her fascination. I told my wife that I'd been gratified to hear that we'd had that effect, and wanted to facilitate Lina's request. To that end we'd arranged for both couples to attend the 'meet-the-author-reading' at Elliott Bay Books this Saturday evening. I didn't mention that I'd already been coaching Lina on becoming a submissive hooded lady herself. I knew my wife had a favorable image of Lina as I 'd described her beauty and class in detail previously.

Like me, my wife was flattered to learn that Lina was taken by us, and she was eager to further our association. I shared with my wife that I thought she should dress in a less dynamic fashion than her usual uniform to hopefully not be as shocking for her boyfriend as his first impression. My wife looked at me with a puzzled expression and replied: "I thought you liked me to look blatantly sexual!..........this is Capital Hill after all, not a society social gathering." I assured her that I certainly most preferred her to always be clad in her latex leggings, but reminded her that we'd agreed to go more mainstream when we wanted to socialize. I said that I saw this as kind of a hybrid event and that we should make things as easy for Lina as we could. I told her that I saw her wearing her short slim-fitting black leather jacket, her knee length high waisted black latex pencil skirt, and her calf-high black boots that had 4 3/4" column heels. I pointed out that this skirt had cheek pockets and was very flattering indeed. I said to leave it in it's natural satin patina.  I suggested she choose a tight sweater and appropriate accessories. I characterized this outfit as what any hip shapely woman might wear out for an early Saturday evening event.
Saturday afternoon came and my wife went up to dress about 6:00. Since she didn't need make up, or extra time to pull on leggings, she soon reappeared. She looked real city-chic conventional with a fashionable slight fetish implication. The slim all black profile she sported was contrasted by a short bright blue sweater that hugged her impressive breasts. She was bra-less and her natural droop spread the jacket open to the outside of her nipples. The material was thin and her nipples protruded noticeably.The sweater had a moderate v-neck and she wore a silver necklace with a fancy medallion that filled the v and a wide silver band bracelet that peaked out below the narrow jacket sleeve. Her rubber skirt tightly cupped her prominent bottom, emphasized her flat stomach, and ended above her trim waist. She looked classy, hot, stylish and delectable. With nice make up she would have been the best looking girl;  dressed typical of any thirty-something foxy lady out on the town, at any happening venue. I told her she looked very ordinary, but her smile told that she knew I was teasing her. She turned around and stuck out her bottom in my direction. I quipped: "You don't say."

She moved around the living room to see herself in a mirror from several different views, before sash-shaying into the foyer to retrieve the rest of her outfit. She returned with her hood and collar and without any fanfare we jointly rubber-encapsulated her head. I had been fingering her lock since she came downstairs, in anticipation, and she stood still for another couple seconds so I could secure her collar with it as always. I caressed her luscious supple-rubber bottom momentarily before she turned around for my inspection. I really liked what I saw, her necklace mated well with the silver accents of her collar and down played it's bondage aspect. The matching satin-matte patina of her hood and skirt looked much more sedate than the usual gloss black. Her dress may have looked trendy-conventional, but her blinding hood, pouty full mouth, and locked collar still conveyed just the right amount of sexual subjugation. She  was now my properly burdened submissive lover, and I was very proud to accompany her.

We arrived at the book store a little early so I could choose our seating, and not have us make a conspicuous entry after Lina and her boyfriend had arrived. We sat half way back along the outside of the room facing the audience, with the stage to our left. My wife's front side would be viewable by anyone entering or seated. She left her jacket on and it's turned up collar did somewhat obfuscate her locked discipline collar. I loved how her form-following skirt and sweater featured her voluptuous curves and wasp waist as she demurely sat. The match-up of her leather boots and jacket, in conjunction with her latex skirt and hood, was fashionable hot style. As people filtered in they all studied her with interest, greeted us pleasantly if they walked in front of us, and took us in stride; as my wife had said, this is Capital Hill.  I was thrilled to be the one seen as her keeper. I recognized some attendees from our cruising around The Hill together, and some others from my solitary excursions. I was glad to avail ourselves of another occasion to display my wife's plight, and my possession of her, to an expanding audience. The mystery around her anonymity was sacred and secure, since we have never been seen together with her unhooded in Seattle. 

By the time Lina and her boy friend arrived the author was being introduced and they scurried to find seats. Soon they were whispering to each other and looking our way, and I felt my wife had attracted a new admirer. She was sitting with the erect posture that she had been taught, her hands folded in her lap, and her legs, held together by the very narrow skirt, tucked back to one side. Her upper arms were held against her sides which aided her breasts in sticking very prominently out of her slim fitted jacket. The author talked and read for an hour plus. Quite a few attendees spent a lot of time being distracted while they surreptitiously studied my wife. I slowly ran my adjacent curled fore finger back and forth along the side of her leg from her hip to the hem; enjoying the delicious feel of taut rubber. She did not move, but her nipples gradually got longer and most pronounced in response, which had been my objective. I know she looked very sensual with her combination of top and bottom rubber encasement, with very prominent nipples in between.

The moderator finally suggested that everyone get some coffee or wine and fraternize to discuss the reading. I stood while taking my wife's elbow to cue her to also stand. She held her shoulders back in a proud posture that lifted and projected her breasts in the most flattering manner. I continued my caressing along her hip and over her closest cheek as discretely as I could in order to retain her obvious sign of arousal. Lina was looking our way, and I waved in recognition before cupping my wife's cheek to guide her over to greet Lina and her boyfriend.

Lina's boyfriend appeared mesmerized by my wife's languid movement as she led the way towards them. She could walk so that her hips undulated and her breasts swayed without looking like it was intentional; which of course it was. Lina extended her hand to me and with a big smile said: "Hello Mr. and Mrs. ________, it's nice to see you again.........I'd like you to meet my boyfriend Zack." He said hi and put out his hand in my direction, but really never took his eyes off my wife. I warmly shook his hand, introduced myself with: " I'm _____," and gestured at my wife saying: " This is _____," and my wife offered up her hand like a debutante. He took it and nicely said:  "Pleased to meet you," and continued to intently stare at my wife. Like anyone approaching her, he immediately realized that she couldn't tell where he might be looking, so there was no need to avert his eyes. Like the others, he intuitively knew that I intended her to be looked at, so he didn't need to feign disinterest for the sake of good manners. He calmly told her: "You are a stunning looking lady."   Lina and I smiled at each other, but he certainly didn't notice. My wife pointedly cocked one hip in his direction to graciously acknowledge his complement, with an effect only achievable with a latex clad bottom. No explanation was necessary as it was obvious she couldn't speak. I noticed that now both my wife and Lina exhibited fully erect nipples. The introductions seemed to be going well.

Lina and I casually started to discuss what we had been listening to without making any reference to my wife's condition, or Zack's total captivation with her. He proceeded to make a couple polite, off topic, comments to my wife which she acknowledged with slight hand gestures and subtle body language. He stared unremittingly at her projected nipples as they moved with her responses. After three or four minutes I pointed in the direction of the bar and Lina touched Zack's arm and said: " We're going to get wines."  He turned just momentarily to nod back at her. We worked our way through the small groups over to the bar before turning back to see he and my wife continuing to interact. Lina said: " I hope he remembers who he came with!" I replied:  "Let's leave them for a few minutes to see how he reacts to being alone with her." As we stood to sip our wine we saw another couple join them, and it was apparent that Zack knew them as he was clearly introducing my hooded wife.

Lina and I half-heartily engaged in conversation with three other guests while both of us surreptitiously watched our dates from about 25 feet away. They were out of ear shot, but  Zack successfully integrated my wife into the conversation. Lina appeared awed by how nonchalant and comfortable he seemed to be in the company of such a noticeable individual. I welcomed the rare opportunity to extensively view my wife from a distance. I was pleased with the look of her near-mainstream dress that still featured her inimitable figure and mated up well with the unambiguous element of subjugation; her locked-in-place full enclosure hood. Her most eye-catching feature, however, was her majorly protruding nipples sticking straight out off her stupendous breasts. I didn't know how long she'd be able to sustain this without recurring stimulation, but it sure was an attractive asset.

After fully ten minutes Lina and I returned to the growing group around Zack and my wife. I silently approached her from behind and cupped the lower center of her prominent bottom with my spread-out hand, in a familiar embrace. She flinched in surprise, but immediately after regained her icy composure as she recognized my hand. I slowly stroked over her anus with my fore finger to ensure that her nipples remained extended. Lina and I joined in the ongoing discussion, and no reference was made about my wife's obvious burdened state by anyone. It was apparent that if my wife took it in stride, so would others. I was immensely proud to have her as my mate.
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