Hooded Wife 306

I felt really satisfied with how our attendance at the book-reading social amongst these liberal sophisticates had come down. Everyone there had gotten an unimpeded opportunity to observe my wife, and most were available to incorporate her into their social interactions. We both felt comfortable in their company. I found my wife's style rendition to be most enticing; her sleek near-mainstream outfit in conjunction with featuring her prominent nipples, plus her mandatory hood and locked retaining collar, was most captivating. It seemed well suited to this occasion. Not only did her persona thrill me, but she won new admirers.

When we reached home, and had disrobed without delay, I sat on the edge of our bed to interrupt my wife from assuming her usual beckoning position; laying on her side in a fetal position with her luscious bottom facing me. I didn't say anything, and reached to take the side of each protruding breast as she approached. I took one nipple after the other into my mouth and sucked each exuberantly. When she started to moan in a manner as to say they were getting tender, I reached down and cupped both buttocks to hold her against me. I only paused long enough to say: "I'm doing what every other male there dreamed of doing." She held her arms around my shoulders and caressed my back in appreciation. I eventually pulled her down onto the bed and we made love in the old fashioned missionary position, which turned out wonderful.

The next day I called Lina to learn how her boyfriend had received us. She gushed with enthrallment at how positively Zack had been affected by my wife. She said he talked about my wife all the way home before attacking her lustfully once they'd arrived. She wishfully recounted how he'd endlessly sucked on her nipples; a sentiment I could sympathize with. I asked her to tell me what he had to say. "He was very smitten by her open presentation of herself for unknown viewing by whomever. He liked how she employed her obvious blindness to invite anyone to closely inspect her. He recalled I'd told him how she is kept silent with a penis gag, something that wasn't self evident but knowing that certainly added to her sexual aura. He thought her imposed faceless anonymity greatly enhanced her phenomenal body's impact. He said he'd never seen anyone's nipples stick out that far before. He called her the most sexually alluring girl he'd ever encountered; and he didn't even know if she was pretty!...........................I can't believe I'm glad to hear him say that about another woman!" I replied: "Well I'm gratified to hear that he appreciates her as I'd intended...........It appears he has the right sympathies to facilitate your objectives."

I suggested that we should arrange for another 'chance encounter' in a couple weeks or so, but in the mean time, I offered to introduce her to the craftsman that made my wife's hood and collar. I proposed that she give her boyfriend her new hood assembly for his Christmas present. She squealed with delight at the idea, and wanted to know how soon we could get their construction underway. I asked her when she next had a day off where she could be gone until the evening. I told her we'd be driving to Portland and that it would take two or three hours at the craftsman's shop. She said she always had Thursdays off and that next week Zack, who was a fireman, would be on duty until midnight. I told her I'd pick her up at 8:30 and we'd need to be back by 7:00, when my wife got home from the gym.

When my wife came home from the gym on Monday, I told her that I'd stopped by Nordstrom's to check in with Lina. I reported that Lina had told me Zack was very impressed with her presentation and hadn't talked about much else since. Lina lamented that he'd never been that enthralled with her, and she was envious. I said that I'd told Lina that if she wanted to become a hooded lady I would direct her to our bondage craftsman. She replied that she would wait for Zack to suggest she should be hooded. My wife smiled and said she was glad Zack found her attractive. She went on to say that she found Zack to be personable and had sensed that he was taken with her. She suggested that I arrange for another meeting between the four of us to give Zack a chance to get used to associating in public with a woman openly locked into a full enclosure hood. She then asked me to describe what Zack looked like so that she could form a mental image of him. I did so, and she asked a couple follow up questions requesting greater details, which kind of surprised me.

I thought about our overall situation for some minutes, trying to view it from each of the four's individual perspective. Zack had been entranced with my wife's persona, Lina wanted Zack to desire she be kept like my wife, my wife was pleased with the effect she had on both of them, but especially on Zack it appeared. I just loved all their appreciation of what I founded. I sought my wife out in the kitchen and said: "I've been thinking, a valuable attribute of your inviolate hooding is that you've never been afforded an opportunity to visually witness other people's reaction to your condition. This lack of situational awareness has been a rewarding aspect of your burdening for both of us. I don't think we should deny Lina this assured innocence." My wife replied: "I take your point. It's true that I'm titillated by being oblivious to anyone's reaction. Since I'm certain of my anonymity, I don't care what they think as long as I'm pleasing you!..............Maybe we should only expose Zack to more of my public life, and leave the experience for Lina's imagination like I've enjoyed. So far she has only seen me in fairly intimate settings."

I shared more of my perspective: "If Zack decides to require Lina to henceforth be hooded, she should only be aware of what she can perceive at that time; subject to her blindness and inability to question. Otherwise her experience will be compromised. Lina did confide to me that she hoped Zack was contemplating how she would be as a hooded lady. If she's called upon to become so burdened, I wouldn't want to see her subconsciously mitigate her best poise, posture, and presentation because of any sense of embarrassment or negative impression derived from observing your public effect. She must evoke the pride she feels in being the recipient of her man's desire to keep her as his subjugated submissive, and therefore accept the responsibility for her will being. She must be eager to feature the look her man has chosen for her so that he will be most proud to display her. She has to feel good about her role and want to be seen when hooded." I still had not told my wife that I was coaching Lina in her endeavor to orchestrate Zack's desire to have her be hooded, or that providing her with a hood and collar was already being arranged.

On Thursday morning I pulled up in the driveway of Lina and Zack's modest bungalow at the agreed upon time. I didn't even have to get out as Lina immediately descended the rockery stairs. She was wearing tight stretch levies tucked into knee-high brown high heeled boots and a form-following short brown leather jacket, zipped to her chin, that showed about 3" of her snug green top below it. She carried a shoulder strap brown leather purse and wore stylish sun glasses. Her long manicured nails and lipstick were in matching pink. She exuded the well-groomed sexy sophisticate look that I so admire. Her blond hair hung straight to just above her shoulders. She looked beautiful. As she came down the stone stairs she allowed her hips to undulate from side to side in a delectable affected manner. She clearly was experienced in best presenting herself. She got in the car and smiled prettily and reached over to give me a hug and an air-kiss, not wanting to disturb her perfect makeup.

When we were on the freeway heading south, she removed her jacket showing a thin stretchy lime green turtle neck top that was a perfect size-too-small. It extended down over the top of her hips with a simple 1" wide brown belt worn cinched tightly around her small natural waist. She was bra-less and her nipples were nicely apparent. From this good side view she looked to be an impressive high rounded 'D' cup, about half the size of my wife's more sloping breasts. Her nipples were appropriately sized, with about 1 1/2" diameter aeriolas that were darker than her hair color would have suggested. I didn't say anything while carefully inspecting her for at least five minutes. Since I was obvious, she grew a bit self conscious and her nipples started to harden; just the reaction I was hoping to see again. They were about the size of the end of my forefinger and projected out a half inch; very nice indeed! I smiled in appreciation, which she at once recognized. I broke the silence with: "You do have the style of a lady that deserves to be kept hooded, I just hope Zack comes to realize it." "Thank you," she said, "so do I." I continued to look at her as intently as my driving would permit to intentionally see how self conscious she might become. It soon was apparent that she was enjoying being so blatantly observed, which pleased me as this was imperative for her sought after role. I finally sad: " You'll need to cut your hair to the top of your neck and you won't be able to wear any turtle necks. Your hood and collar will be too tight to fit over either." She replied: "I wondered about that. Will the craftsman be able to properly measure me like this?" " Yes, I believe he'll be able to make allowances but you will have to get your hair cut before Christmas." She smiled and quipped: "That's the least of my concerns."

We chatted at times, and I kept watching her most the time. She intentionally shifted around enough to offer different views for my appreciation. I teased her that I was going to have to temporarily blindfold her so that I could observe her discretely. She smiled big and stuck her breasts out unnaturally and said: "Please continue, I like you to admire me, it makes me feel good." I replied: "Are you going to be comfortable not knowing when you're being stared at?" "I'll just assume I'm always being watched, which is what I'm used to since you and Zack have taught me to show off my figure more openly. Although I will miss making surprise eye contact with someone I catch staring at me, which is always fun. I look stern at first then smile." "You sound like you meet the criteria to be a successful hooded lady.......... Keep in mind that guys like to view girls surreptitiously so you'll attract many more eyes as they realize you can't see," I said matter-of-factually. "I know that," she retorted, "That'll be something pleasant to keep in mind."

When we passed by at about Centralia, I brought up a subject we needed to address. "I told you before that my wife is required to hold a life-size replica of my penis as her gag. We can't take a mold of Zack's unit since this is to be a surprise, so I propose to allow you to use mine for your gag; how do you feel about that?" She blushed for the first time that day and responded in a hushed voice: "I thought about that too, I'd be grateful if you didn't tell Zack that detail but I'll enjoy knowing it's your's I'm holding in my mouth." " It will be our secret, but whenever I see you erotically contained by your hood, I'll never forget you're holding an exact replica of me, which will make me feel good," I said sweetly. She smiled and blushed deeper: " I'll be curious to see how you differ from Zack." I told her that I'll be interested to learn that too.

We arrived in Vancouver just in time to have lunch, and I stopped at a nice seafood restaurant overlooking the river. It was sunny and Lina left her jacket in the car, undoubtedly to better show off her impressive pointy breasts. I enjoyed following her shapely *** provocatively leading the way towards the entry. I thought about how different she now appeared from the demure sales clerk I'd first met at Nordstrom's. A classier fox would be hard to come by. Clearly our game plan to induce Zack to encourage her to dress in a hotter and more revealing fashion had come to fruition. She had taken it to heart and come to realize the fulfillment derived from inducing lust in men and envy in women.  I knew I was going to enjoy watching her continuing metamorphose into life as a proper hooded lady. I felt pretty sure that Zack would soon recognize her suitable aptitude, as he comes to appreciate the wonders of my wife's persona.

Our lunch time was pleasant. Lina excused herself twice to ooze through the full dining room to the bathroom. She had adopted a languid and provocative manner of walk, reminiscent of my wife's, that commanded everyone's attention and was well coordinated with her newly adopted dress style. Most similarly, they shared the captivating trait of spontaneous nipple erection with the slightest hint of arousal or notice. Lina spoke at length about how excited she was to be getting her own hood and collar. I listened approvingly to her plans for presenting them to Zack as his Christmas gifts. She explained how it was their tradition, as it had been her family's, to open stocking gifts on Christmas Eve and more significant gifts the next morning. She said she planned to wrap just the key to her lock as a stocking gift, and allow him to imagine what it might open. Christmas morning she would make sure that he received the package containing just the padlock first. At this point we agreed that he would probably figure out what it's purpose was, so she would next make a big deal about presenting him with an elaborately wrapped package containing the hood and collar. I asked her why she wouldn't draw out the anticipation by packaging them separately. She replied that she knew by that time they'd both be too excited to wait any longer to put them on her. I smiled and said I wished I could be a fly on the wall.

We left the restaurant and I suggested that we take a short walk along the waterfront to look at the fishing boats. The truth was that I wanted an extended opportunity to observe Lina's new manner of presenting herself. There were a lot of working-type men going back and forth to their boats and they took rapt notice of her. A bra-less curvaceous girl with a suggestive walk was not an everyday treat on the docks. It was not their nature to be politely discreet, and they expressed their approval by gawking and with a few whistles. Lina made no efforts to mitigate her display and even acknowledged a comment or two with a smile and "Thank you." I complemented her on her improved presentation and told her I was proud to accompany her. She smiled with genuine appreciation and replied: "I'm pleased you approve, I really feel good about myself now."

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