Hi everyone,

Right now, it's raining in Sydney...

This is a 17 year old sitting at his desk after a pretty bad day.

What is the point of me saying this? I don't know...but I want to.

My dream is to give my everything to everything that I love in my life.

My dream, is to raise 3 beautiful kids with one beautiful wife for the rest of my life.

My dream, is to be the very best in my passions by giving it all I have.

And people think I'm weird.
I hate school, not because I'm douche bag, not because I'm arrogant... but because a lot of these 'teachers'... they're fake.

And today... I asked 'Why do I have to conform to your [school's] traditions?

And all I got were scornful stares... saying 'Because that's how it has been done for years...because that's how it is... Just gotta live with it...school is bad? -well what are you gonna do.....'


What am I gonna do?

I gonna tell em to get the ____out of my way.

It's me...
and my dream.

It's the present...
and my future.

No one, will ever come in my way.

I am gonna be the best father, the best husband, the best in my area... by giving it my everything, and... by doing it the way which, I believe, to be the best.

I don't know who might read this... where the readers are from... what they might be going through...

but what I would like to say is...

If you really in believe something, please don't stop.

It doesn't matter what others think about you, they'll be dead anyway in a few decades.

IT doesn't matter if what you believe goes against the norm.

Please, be that round peg in that square hole...and break it.

Have a wonderful day/night!

jpark121 jpark121
18-21, M
Aug 20, 2014