Okay my generation yanno maybe to the older people are immature, stupid and different from the others

Well let me just say this I didn't choose to e born this generation and you know what I'm glad I was born when I was cause not all people from this generation are stupid so don't criticize us for when we were born or how the other people my age act. Because not all of us sit inside all day on the tv and at video games. Okay well bye that's all I have I say.
SavannahCole SavannahCole
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I never listen to one generation ***** about another. That stuff has always gone on and I don't like it. You guys are just whoever the hell you are just like every generation that there has ever been.

Right on!!!👏👏👏

😂😂thank you

Hi yep lol

*claps hands* bravo! :)

Haha thank you!