We Won!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sea Turtles Will No Longer Be Burned
Sea Turtle Thanks to a lawsuit filed by The Center for Biological Diversity and Turtle Island Institute -- along with petitions and letters from the public -- BP agreed to stop allowing endangered sea turtles to be burned alive during surface-oil cleanup operations. Over 12,000 signatures were added to the Care2 petitions.
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7 Responses Jul 15, 2010

smiles @ Toby.... I saw it in the news that they gave in

Thank you Cabcraft.......Just one reason I am not a big fan of corporations.... the majority seem to have no heart or conscience.

I am so relieved, but can't help but wonder how many poor creatures burned alive before it was stopped! It is just too terrible to think of. Yet we must, or it will happen again! Thanks for bringing it to our attenton Elf. X@

'tis the thought that counts.......... I miss seeing stories on time too.....it is part of EP that i wish had a solution but there are many stories daily

I signed, but too late.


Thank you Marji....I failed to send a card this time.... my apologies.<br />
The vote was not far from the goal desired and time was short.<br />
I promise I will contact you next time.