Sometimes, I Can!

I am told often, that I can't help everyone. Some people need professional help and I am not a trained psychologist. True! I know this... yet... I am stubborn sometimes. I can't stand to see a fellow human being, drowning! I just have to throw out a hand and try to help... even knowing the risk that I may be pulled under the water as well. :-/

I think that my stubbornness and willingness stems from my own darkest days. Before my best pals came along... I was reaching out for help. I needed someone to grab my hand and trust that I wouldn't pull them under with me. If I felt I was dragging them down too, my instinct is always to let go. But I either got passersby that either didn't trust me to not drag them down or ones who found entertainment in holding my head under water.

Then finally Philip and Sharon spotted me, in the ocean of darkness, and held out their hands... despite the risks! And they didn't think twice about it! I grabbed on and fought like hell to not drag them under with me... and they pulled me onto shore! 

And so.. I want to do that for others too, if I can. If it's possible. :-)

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2 Responses Mar 11, 2009

I'm glad I came across your story :) I'm the same way when dealing with depression, I absolutely despise the thought of pulling anyone down with me, and let myself get too weak before grabbing onto a hand. Thank goodness for people like you, who have gone through your own dark period and can recognize the need in others, you are true blessings!

Some of the best psychologists I know have no formal training. They are just limited to certain areas.