If I Could Travel Through Time

I have often wondered what I would do to try and make things better in the world if I could travel through time I don't think that it would be possible to change to many things as it might cause more problems than it solved so all in all I think that I would go back to my school days. When they say they are the happiest days of your life people are not wrong I miss those days.
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I would love to have a time machine but I'm not sure if I would use it. I'd be too afraid, considering that the pass hasn't been too kind to black people lol. Maybe I'll go back to the 90s

If I could Travel back in time, for the world. I would LOVE to go back in time and talk to Moses and Noah. To really have proof that God Does or doesnt exist and find out where the Garden of Eden really is as well as the Ark of the Covenant, and the Tower of Bable.

I have just been thinking about this... I just bought a lipgloss that I wore as a 12 year old, and a fragrance that I used to wear aswell... I found a CD of a band that were big in that year and listened to my favourite song by them...now begin to think that if I could go back then.... I know I can't, but it's a nice notion... It was such an easy time, for me, because I was ignorant then I guess... I was oblivious to problems in the world and so on...

Yeah it would be good It's sometimes good to dream

that would be awesome autumncrisp7. i lived in las vegas and down fremont st is a bunch of old hotels. i wanted to go back to when they were new and wondered if any celebrities stayed there or what it was like to walk downtown in those days. i worked for the el cortez casino and found that bugsy segal had once owned it and that the owner at the time that i worked there, was not a sweet in his younger years as he was when i was there. he was such a character. he sold it and is still as sweet as when i first met him.

It fascinates me that the world we live in today is the same world they lived in a thousand years ago. The sky was blue, clouds were white, birds sang, grass grew. The way we live our lives has changed but the universe is basically the same. Someone in a different lifetime walked where I walk. I wish I could slip back in time and see...

I would have stayed in the army for 8 more years, grabbed my pension and travelled all the places I had not been.

I also miss days from my childhood living with my grandparents. I felt so secure and loved during those times and I miss that.

I would choose to go back to when my parents were dating, to hang out with them and really get to know who they really were, since my parents only revealed to me what they wanted to reveal. knowing their quirks and such may help me understand where certain talents and certain annoying things, like askew perception, came from.