Naked Wife Picture Exchange

my wife loves to be seen naked i have always liked looking at naked woman so we are well matched i have been looking for other husbands & boyfriends who feel the same so we could exchange pictures


nextime nextime 56-60, M 24 Responses Jul 11, 2009

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love to!!

love to

i like the idea, a wife naked picture exchange

We would love to exchange

I have some great pics id like to exchange, full face too


would love to trade wife pics with you

hello lindafinca we cant add you to friends or answer your comments because of your privacy requests your kind of wasting your time really

I would like to exchange photos of my wife and her big ****. She enjoys showing them off.

I like to share photos of my sexy wife, but I need to have feedback after seeing them such as what would you like to do to her, if you ********** then we want to know etc.

Let's exchange wife pix

send me some!

I have hundreds to share - real women not web models<br />
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mail me at or add me on yahoo<br />
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Lets trade

I'd like to exchange some photos.

I have pictures of my gf I'd like to trade with you guys

Send me an e-mail.

I am up for trades too!<br />

I'm in for

I would love to share pictures of my Asian wife with you guys. Hit me up at

count me in also. email

me too, look at my avatar which is my wife,

Count me in at

have great photo's of my wife to share.

feel free<br />
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i have some for trade of my gf

would love to trade photos with you. just email me