I like 2 men and would love to be in a relationship with both of them with their consent. I want us to share a bed and raise a family together but they're not into this lifestyle. And I refuse to have a man on the side.
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Weare open, but more so for her. She loves the idea of her bf becoming really long term :) And i love her happy, so,...never know

I think polyandry has scarce applicability in comparison to polyandry. It's true that the multiorgasmic element to a woman's sexual nature suggests leverage and possible superiority to that of the male's, but the an mathematical and anatomical distinctions between male and female us what gives polygyny greater credence.

For example: a woman's normal cycle predicating the lunar calendar (28 days) results in menstruation. A man or men in sexual liaison would be default need to "run red lights" or be deprived sexually for period of cleansing, while no such "halt" exist in male anatomy.

Mathematically, under normal circumstances, a woman can only be pregnant once during 9 month period, whereas a man can impregnate women exponentially in that same 9-month time period.

Polyandrous men are inequitable to polygynous men. While polygynous women are no less equitable to polyandrous women.

Hence: institution of pluralistic woman at center and helm mid relational dynamic is less equitable to institution where man is at center and helm of relational flow and balance.

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I'm more polygyny. Can we form a truce somewhere in-between?

It could be a foursome with another girl

A pod. That balances out more palpably

I'd like to see more such relationships. I'd love to be in a polyandrous marriage.

Would you be accepting if you werent the only wife he had?


It's a difficult thing to sell to some people. I am having trouble with it myself... I think having a good sense of self and knowing what you're capable of is the first thing you should address when thinking of being involved with more than one person. It's hard enough to be with one man, are you sure you're able to handle two? :)

I believe if we all go into it open and ready we will be able to handle all the hardship we may face. I believe it's not something I can force. We must all want it

a lady like u, a guy is lucky to have no matter how many she needs in her life :)

And yes. I'm strong. I can handle anything. ..

I agree it has to be something you're all up for, at least to try it. Can't force anyone to do anything that they aren't comfortable with. Maybe if you show them there are pro's to it they would consider trying it. There are forums online that have information and stuff if you're interested in it. I googled them and found a few really informative ones. Good luck. :)

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