What Makes Me Tick?

~ I'm starting to figure things out. Like I'm pretty sure I know when the little girl started cowering in the corner. I know why she doesn't talk. I'm also pretty sure I understand why the woman thinks she's not worthy of love. The teenager is just really angry, hurt, scared, & horny. Mahahah! Now sure exactly how I'm gonna get through to her, but at least I'm willing to try. For years I've ignored them all. It's nice, getting to know them. A bit of me in every piece. The little girl is just so sweet, but so sad. The woman has so much love inside her just busting to get out. Her fear keeps her trapped though, because everyone she's loved has either left her, done nothing to help her, or just hasn't thought she was worth the trouble. It's hard trying to prove to her that she is worthy, that she should share all she is with someone..... Because I have nothing to show her. Everyone we've given our hearts to has either betrayed us, left us, or just wanted to be "friends". Her hearts a little banged up but at least I'm learning to understand what makes them & I tick. It's a start..... ~

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1 Response Mar 17, 2009

very interesting indeed. it seems you have specified the problem well,which makes it easier to find a solution.in my case with my story 'loosing touch with reality' i did not know what the problem was,making a solution a far fetched idea. The solution to your problem is what i tell everyone. improve yourself. read more,excercise more,join a hiking group,take up new interests travel more.when you begin to improve yourself, people will be drawn to you the same way you are drawn to people who have their things in order. you cant really blame pple who dont want to be around someone who is battling with themselves and their emotions. it's daunting and hard work. and in the end only we can fix ourselves.