Wife's Fantasy Comes True-mfm- Being The Center Of Attention With Two Guys At The Same Time

My wife Carol was very inexperience at sex when we got married, had only had sex with one other guy. I had exposed her to sexual toys, adult dvd's XXX, going out in public without her panties on, having sex in public places, and taking nude photos of her.
We were watching an adult dvd's XXX with two guys making love to one woman, and she told me that the thought of me and another guy making love to her, turned her on. To make a long story short, we agreed to do it. We placed an ad in an adult newspaper, and she finally narrow it down to a guy name Paul, she agreed to meet him at a local bar, and if she felt comfortable with him she would then bring him home. They met at the bar and then she called me to tell me she was bringing him home.
When they got back to the house, she brought out her nude photo album for Paul to look at, and told us she would be right back, she needed to get herself ready for us.
About 20 minutes later she came out with a robe on, I could see she was very nervous, so I went over to her and kiss her as I removed her robe. Carol had on red garter belts, stockings, crotchless panties, and a bra that exposed her nipples. Carol is a petite lady with long red hair down to her ***, blue eyes, shaved *****, 98 lbs, 4'10' 32-24-34. She then told us to remove our clothes, after that she took both of us guys into the bedroom, and had Paul lay on the bed, and had me sit on the chair.
She join Paul on the bed and proceeded to make out with him,, she was so full of passion as they kissed and had their hands all over each other body. She then started sucking his shaved **** going all the way down on it & licking his balls and I could see was out of control with desire, because she swallow his *** when he came in her mouth, she had never done that with me, she always spit it out. It was so erotic to watch my wife as she sucked another man ****, and finally see her willing to swallow ***. I might sound crazy but to see the lips I have been kissing all those years filled with another man hot ***, made me sexually desire & love my wife even more.

At that point Paul then started to eat her *****, he had her so excited, he was eating her ***** and rubbing her stomach, she was moaning with such pleasure. I could see she was having *******, she finally told me that she wanted me to join them, she had me lay down and put my **** in her *****, she was on top of me and Paul was rubbing her back and playing with her sexy tiny **** with those big sensitive nipples, at this point Paul slowly enter her *** with finger and then he slid his **** slowly in her ***, I thought she was going to stop him because she had never allowed any man to **** her *** including me, she always told me it was dirty, but she allowed Paul the privilege of being the first man to **** her virgin ***. I kept asking her how it felt to have two ***** in her, and she told me she had never experience such sexual pleasure in her lifetime., being Dp gives her the most intense ******* she has ever had.

She was soaking wet, I had never seen her so horny and turned on as me and Paul ****** her at the same time. Paul was slapping her *** as he ****** her *** with his ****, and she was yelling that she wanted us to **** her hard and deep, and Paul told her she was the best **** he had ever had. She kept having numerous ******* & just looking at her face seeing the sexual desire she had was awesome. The sexual lust she had, and the ability to be so free with her body as both of us guys ****** her, no rules, just sex, giving pleasure and getting pleasure.
Finally Paul came first and shot his load in her ***, and he sat on the chair as we continue ******* for 20 more minutes, and then I blasted my *** inside her *****. At that point Paul joined us again and as we lay on each side of Carol, we both started sucking her **** at the same time, she has tiny **** but her nipples are large and sensitive.
Me & Paul had our hands all over her body, and took turns finger banging her *****, seeing my wife so excited turned me on. Seeing her being so free with her body, giving pleasure and getting pleasure, was so sexy & hot.
At that point we all decided to take a shower together. In the shower, she wrapped her legs around Paul's back and he ****** her in the shower. Watching her ***** take Paul’s **** was a turn on for both of us, and it was so surreal to watch my sexy wife take another man’s **** in her *****, after being married for so long. After the shower, she said she wanted to go to sleep with Paul's **** inside her *****. I watched as he slid his **** in her, it was hard to believe that my innocent little wife could be so horny and wild. I then joined them in bed & she kissed me and told me she was very grateful that I was willing to let her fantasy happen. We finally all ended up going to sleep together.
It's weird, because if I had found out she was cheating on me, I would be pissed. But, being there with her and seeing another guy **** her was a big turn on for her and for myself. To watch my innocent little wife act like a **** star, and watch how much pleasure she was receiving by having another man's **** in her ***** was so erotic.
Watching another man eat her ***** after he has ****** her or I have ****** her is a big sexual turn on for her, & now I also eat her ***** everytime after I have *** in it. Looking at her ***** with her legs spread wide open and see her ***** dripping with another man hot *** is the ultimate sexual high.

I feel pride seeing her be so horny and out of control. I would never want her to cheat on me, but being able to **** her with another guy is a great source of pride. We tried a ********* with another woman but my wife was not into it, but with me and another guy she is a wild woman.
I like to know what other hubby's feel when they have done a ********* {MFM}with their wife.
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10 Responses Oct 27, 2010

Wow I just loved that story! I shared my wife once also. I'd love to chat and share a few photos with you?

wonderful for you...am hoping to have the same experience with my beautiful redhead

You have described my fantasy and ultimate desire. I have been trying to talk my wife into it for years. She would live it I know. She mostly laughs me off and says no. Recently she admitted that she does not always like when I talk too intensely about it during sex. I asked her if she would prefer that I asked her to try something new or just do it. She said to just do it. Waiting for the right guy and opportunity. Thank you for sharing.

This is a great story, and I too, have been the extra with a hubby watching his wife in the throws of passion. Very hot times. Great story.

Congratulations on getting to enjoy this! If I ever get so lucky, I'll let you know how it felt.

You just recited my "perfect fantasy" - have not had my wife to a MFM yet, but have been close. My thanks for sharing it all with us.

It is so hot to see my wife being ****** by another man/men. I love to watch **** and was pretty sure I could handle it, but not sure. Then it happened and I found my self very horny for the next week and she seemed to be in the same boat. It was wild, we are always looking for men to **** her.

Now this is what would be perfect for me and my wife! To see her be in that situation would be such a turn-on

Hot story, I'm hard just reading, my wife has has sex with a **** buddy but never with both of us, maybe one day, you are very lucky man.

Great story, thanks for sharing. Wish I could persuade the wife to do a MFM.