This was the most amazing weekend of my life! I finally got to see my wife with two other men!
It was Saturday night, January 19, 2013. It started out like any other Saturday night for us. We were going out with another couple for drinks at a local bar. However, as fate and my goodfortune would have it, the other couple couldn't make it so we instead decided to go elsewhere and do some role playing. By role playing, I mean we like to drive to a bar and when we get there, I'll let Lisa go in five minutes or so ahead of me so she can check out the scenery and find a guy or two to flirt with before I come in and pretend not to know her so I can watch her flirt and be flirted with. Before I continue, I must tell you that my wife, who is 41, is an aerobics instructor and has the body and face of a 25 year old and she has the most amazing *** you could ever imagine having your **** in.

Back to Saturday night... When I walked in the bar, it was obvious that Lisa was the focus of alot of attention. She was sitting at the bar with a, and I'm secure enough in my manhood to say this, hot younger guy on her left and another extremely sexy man on her right and they were not shy about letting her know that she was incredibly sexy. The way she was sitting, her legs crossed and her short black dress was pulled up just enough where you could see the curve of where her legs meet her ***. She had on her knee-high black boots and sheer leggings and the best part... No panties! I was sitting behind them at a table so I could see all the action when, unexpectedly but much to my delight, I saw my wife take the young guy's hand and put it on her upper leg as she whispered something in his ear. She then turned to the other guy and put her hand very close to his **** and whispered something to him while she rubbed his upper leg and crotch. After about ten minutes, and two Vegas bombs that the gentlemen bought her, the guys got up and walked outside. Lisa came over to me and looked me right in the eyes and asked me if I was ready to finally see her take on two other men. She said that she was instantly drawn to those two as soon as she entered the bar and that her ***** was soaking wet from the thought of having their dicks in her holes.

I asked her what she whispered to them and she told me... "I told them to buy me a shot and go wait for me outside while I talk my husband into letting me get filled by your *****.". I was mesmerized by that comment and my **** has never been harder in my life. I told her I couldn't believe this and then grabbed her hand and headed for the door.

We got outside and, sure enough, the two good looking young guys were waiting for us. I told them both that I was more than comfortable with everything and to ease their mind more, I told Lisa to ride with them and follow me to our house, which was a thirty minute drive. They instead said it would be better if they rode with us, which was even better for me because I knew that she would start our party in the car on the way to the house, and I was right. She sat in the backseat between the two men while I drove and, the instant we got in the car, she had her hands on their already hard dicks and the guys. Were rubbing their hands all over my wife's body. She sat between them with her legs spread and her ***** completely exposed while one of the guys ran his hand up her leg and plunged two of his fingers into her soaking wet box! I heard her moan in pleasure as the other guy rammed his tongue down her throat and her hands stroked their dicks furiously! I was so turned on by the sounds coming from the back seat and by the glimpses I caught in the rearview mirror while I drove us to our home. As we neared the house, the three of them continued to devour each other with their hands and mouths and as we pulled into the driveway and I opened the car door to let them out, I watched for a minute while Lisa took one of the ****'s all the way down her throat and he held her head down on it until she started gagging and tapping his leg to let her up for air. The one guy, we'll call him John, climbed out of the backseat and picked Lisa up out of the car and stood up and wrapped her legs around his shoulders and neck and began sucking my wife's ***** while she choked on his fat ****!! It was amazing to see her loving these other men! My **** was about to explode right there!! He carried my wife to the house while he continued to eat her ***** and the other guy, Chris, guided them to the door. I opened the door for them and John let Lisa down and grabbed her by the hair and told her to lead us all to our bedroom so they could **** her like the **** that she is! She looked at me, as if to get permission, and I nodded in approval, so she grabbed him by his huge **** ( her hand looked so small wrapped around his massive manhood), and she grabbed Chris' hand and led the way to OUR bedroom! The instant we got there, John threw my wife on the bed and shed his clothes while Lisa laid there... Her dress pulled up, her long boots still on and her legs spread open and her ***** throbbing! I watched in amazement as John stood there naked, his huge **** in his hand looking at my wife like something he's about to conquer!

At this point, the foreplay was over and the I could tell that a deep, rough pounding was about to occur inside my wife. John climbed on my bed and Lisa instantly pulled him onto her with her legs and they began a long, deep kiss while she wrapped her arms and legs around him and started to grind her ***** on his naked, hard ****. He didn't hesitate for a second before he plunged his meaty **** into her and she let out the deepest moan I've ever heard from her. John was ******* my wife! For the first time, I was watching another man **** my Lisa! And I was loving it! I kinda felt bad for Chris though, because it was very obvious to everyone in the room that Lisa had chosen the man she wanted to ****, and it wasn't me. And it wasn't Chris. John was pounding his **** into my wife and she was loving every second of it! Lisa and John rolled over do John was on his back, and she climbed up on his massive **** while she faced me and told me she loved having his **** in her. Then she looked at Chris and said, "what are you waiting for? My mouth is open and waiting! Fill it!" Chris obliged and climbed on the bed and stood over Lisa and literally SLAMMED his **** down her throat while John pounded his big **** into her sloppy wet *****! After about five minutes of this, and while I was now sitting naked on a chair and stroking my own **** while I watched, Lisa took her mouth off of Chris' **** long enough to say that she wanted both of them inside her! This is what I've been waiting our entire relationship for! My smokin hot wife was about to take two ***** in her holes while I sat five feet away and watched! I started to jerk my **** harder and faster when Lisa lowered her tight *** over John's HUGE ****! The width of his **** was amazing! It made mine and Chris' look miniature, and I have a 8" ****! He forced his **** into her *** and she screamed in painful delight while he slowly made his way into her butt. She then grabbed Chris's **** and begged him to **** her ***** as she spread her legs out as an invitation for him to enjoy himself in her! Chris and John ****** my wife for what seemed like a good hour before Chris pulled his hard **** out and shot his *** all over Lisa's stomach! This made me wanna explode so, after she finished sucking out the last drops of his *** with her mouth, and while John was still pounded away at her now stretched open *** hole, I had to get my **** in my wife! I climbed on top of her and pushed my **** all the way into her and surprisingly to me, all I felt was John's enormous **** as he pounded it in and out of her ***! She was so into him that I dont even think she knew my **** was in her *****! It was an amazing sight to watch her get *** ****** by such an enormous ****! I came inside her ***** after about three or four minutes and I don't even think she noticed! She just kept bouncing on John's **** and moaning and screaming in pure ecstasy! I sat back down and continued to watch this mountain of a man have his way with my wife's *** before he eventually was ready to blow. She told him she wanted to drink him and he pulled her to the floor on her knees while he stood over her, pulling her head back by her hair, and blew what seemed like a gallon of *** down Lisa's throat and all over her face! She sucked down what she could and let the rest drip down her chin, never taking her eyes off of his! It was amazing!! Lisa had just enjoyed two different men and she absolutely loved it!!

The guys each took a shower and got dressed while I called them a cab. Chris showered upstairs while John... And Lisa... Showered in our master bath. I caught a peek of her blowing him in the shower and I'm pretty sure she enjoyed another *** bath before their hour long shower ended. While I showed the guys to the door to meet their taxi, and thanked them for helping us fulfill our fantasy, John gave me his phone number and told me that it was an absolute pleasure to **** Lisa, and that he would love to help us again. I'm pretty sure he'll be getting a call in the very near future!

As for my wife and I, we talked for about hour yesterday about our experience and we both agreed that it's something we want to do again. I told her to call him anytime she wanted to as long as she tells me first. We even talked about letting him come over while I'm at work and setting up a video camera for them so I can watch their encounters when I get home. We'll see. For now, we have enjoyed the best night of our sexual lives... Two nights ago! FINALLY!!
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WoW love the role playing, must have been an amazing to sit and watch her enjoy her self.

Congrats man on a fantastic adventure !!!