Some of My Experiences

hi i thought i would share some of my experiences i have expermented with adult incontnence products since i became aware thay that were avalible at the local drug store that was probably 20 years ago pre internet i have never gone 24/7 i find that thay tend to leak when i am prone and i am not a fan of using them for#2 to messy/smelly latley i have be buing incon prodects over the net buth have yet to find one that will hold more than one good soaking i also use onze shirts to help support the diapers i do like being able to relive my bladder while seated or whatever i am dooing    hometool

hometool hometool
1 Response Mar 20, 2009

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I thought you would like to know of a good web site that is positive about people who love to wear a diaper and use them as intended and a disposable that might take care of that one good soaking and about three more!<br />
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Go to Adrian is the host at the site. She is incontinent 24/7 for all of her life. She supports Bambino diapers. I have a 2 sample packs of four diapers and a sample of their Quarto inserts. They have been outstanding, allowing me to pee any time during my sleeping and will let me to use my heavy diaper in the morning as I have breakfast. I have spent 10 hours in them. I also use a plastic brief to help in preventing leaks. I do have to be careful and not be on my side but on my stomach when I pee.<br />
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