This happened to me when I was staying with friends abroad (the husband was working there for two years). We went out on the last night and I was drinking ouzo. I had no idea how many I'd had until the barman came to our table with two fresh oranges and in a concerned voice advised me to eat them to avoid being ill !!

I had to be escorted back to my friends place, and once there managed to stumble upstairs and get myself into bed. When I gradually came to the next morning, I was definitely feeling *excited* and was humping the lovely warm wet patch I'd made in the night !! Then I realised where I was ; I leaped out of the wet bed and threw back the covers; fortunately (due probably due to the amount of water I'd drunk with the ouzo) there was no pee stain, but there was an obvious large wet patch in the sheet and the mattress below.

I was feeling very embarrassed at this point, and pondering what to do. I decided I couldn't face confessing what I'd done to my friends' wife (my friend was at work by then) so I just left the covers turned back while I had my breakfast and did my packing. Sure enough the sheet dried, and I rubbed the mattress with a towel until it was dry-ish and turned it over, then re-made the bed !!.

They never mentioned anything and, as far as I know, I got away with it, but I'm not proud of being so dishonest and sneaky about wetting my friends' bed. But sometimes I think about it, and I must confess I find the thought of repeating the experience (tho not in my friends bed) gets me very *excited* !!!!
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That is SO naughty!!!