My Turn To Shine

I am not going to start out wih lying saying that I will give many people lots of things. That aint happening!!!! I will care for my Granny who raised me and make sure she is safe. Everyone else can just come to the parties. No, really. I would make wise decissions as to how I will spend it. It does not take long to spend lots of money. Be wise is what I say
Abriee Abriee
36-40, F
3 Responses Jul 22, 2010

one can never have to much money. be happy .

I have to be wise when it come to spending money because of the lack of it :-) I do treat myself sometimes because I work so hard. I may do something nice for myself. I think that is important too. :-)

one should never spend lots of money . unless one is bying something . one realy needs . in my life if i am bying something . i think first . do i realy need it . whatever it is i am bying . do i realy whant it realy . the BIG ONE can i do without it . if so dont by it keep your money . if you have things to sell you will always have money .