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B L U E ~ L A G O O N

THIS LOVELY PICTURE was sent to me by KAT.
In my mind it produced the poem written below.
What does the picture suggest to you - anything ?

An empty boat on a Blue Lagoon
Please sail back to me - in the next full-moon
That would cause my heart to swoon ...... 
Ohhh please return me and come back soon 
I've been waiting here for you since JUNE !
I wrote love letters in the sand ..... Like those
In the song by our Friend Pat Boone .....................
"For my honey I'll croon - For the girl with the boat
With the elegant coat ?-On the shore of the Blue Lagoon"
By the light of the Silvery  Moon ! 

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Awwwwwww! WHITESPIRIT!! You are an absolute gem writing beautiful awesome poems such as these! And the photo to match is just "out of this world"! BEAUTIFUL <br />
<br />
May i thank you, so much for sharing your post. My handsome friend! :D :D

Ohhh! my goodness! As always my pleasure! :D That's right, yes! I remembered that as soon as i'd written my comment! Many apologies to Kat for my mistake! I hope she can forgive me! :D The picture is as you and Kat BEAUTIFUL!!! and i truly thank you both for sharing!!! :D :D Thank you. :D :D

It is a love poem. It reminds me of a place of refuge from the world. A peaceful place with the man I love. Where we can be alone and there is only our love. No outside anything. Just being together. Surviving on our own. Making our lives. Binding until the day when we draw our last breaths together. Paradise for two. Thank you for this posting. I know Forever man is my everlasting love. And we shall be together very soon.

Wooden boat in lagoon is so traditional

Your poem reminds me of a's beautiful.

This is so beautifully written!<br />
I can not imagine a more perfect poem for this peaceful photograph.<br />
You have done it again!<br />
Bonjour friend!<br />
KAT :)