B L U E ~ L A G O O N

THIS LOVELY PICTURE was sent to me by KAT.
In my mind it produced the poem written below.
What does the picture suggest to you - anything ?

An empty boat on a Blue Lagoon
Please sail back to me - in the next full-moon
That would cause my heart to swoon ...... 
Ohhh please return me and come back soon 
I've been waiting here for you since JUNE !
I wrote love letters in the sand ..... Like those
In the song by our Friend Pat Boone .....................
"For my honey I'll croon - For the girl with the boat
With the elegant coat ?-On the shore of the Blue Lagoon"
By the light of the Silvery  Moon ! 

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4 Responses Jul 28, 2012

Awwwwwww! WHITESPIRIT!! You are an absolute gem writing beautiful awesome poems such as these! And the photo to match is just "out of this world"! BEAUTIFUL <br />
<br />
May i thank you, so much for sharing your post. My handsome friend! :D :D

Ohhh! my goodness! As always my pleasure! :D That's right, yes! I remembered that as soon as i'd written my comment! Many apologies to Kat for my mistake! I hope she can forgive me! :D The picture is as you and Kat BEAUTIFUL!!! and i truly thank you both for sharing!!! :D :D Thank you. :D :D

Wooden boat in lagoon is so traditional

Your poem reminds me of a love...it's beautiful.

This is so beautifully written!<br />
I can not imagine a more perfect poem for this peaceful photograph.<br />
You have done it again!<br />
Bonjour friend!<br />
KAT :)