My Offer Of Help For Colette.

Dear Karen,             
It was a blessing and a pleasure for me to meet you and your children last Saturday  (18.4.2012)
After saying that I would not contact you, why am I writing to you now? I am not sure that I mentioned that my sister, Colette (Letty), she has been in hospital for the past 10-11months after being run over whilst riding a bicycle by an articulated lorry. She is a real miracle and should not be with us now (3heart attacks, 17units blood in first 24 hours, plus a seizure and stopped breathing just before Christmas). At the time we were told that: she would not pull through, that she would very likely be in apermanent vegetative state, that she not be able to walk again and that she would suffer severe mental retardation. None of this is true - she is now walking with the aid of a 3wheeled zimmerframe, her memory and brain function is back to normal and her emotional and spiritual self is 100%.
Colette ran an Easter Bingo for the rest of the residents in the Neuro-Rehab Ward, Clatterbridge, a couple of weeks ago. This is where she is going through her rehabilitation to gain strength and dexterity to be able to re-enter normal life. The bingo was a great success and she was invigorated in doing all the preparations for the event.
She now wants to do a Karaoke party as a fund raiser for the unit. She wants the event to take place in the early evening(~6:30pm) in order to invite the family and friends of the other residents. She wants to arrange a buffet and to get Radio Clatterbridge to be involved. This is rather typical of Colette, she never does something in half measure and she always pushes for the most. 
You have probably already guessed why I am writing to you. To have a professional singer would be a huge lift and truly wonderful, but we would not be able to pay much beyond your expenses. It would be a small gathering, no more than 25-40persons. I have a mixer, microphone, speakers and Karaoke music covering oldies, country, pop and 'up to date' music (~900tracks).
I do not have a date for the event - Letty is waiting for the Ward to inform her on this. It will very likely be in 2-3weeks time. 
Would you be willing / available to help?
Please do not feel obliged nor emotionally bound by Letty's story, as it really will be a small party. Your presence would make a huge difference to the rag tag line up of Karaoke singers and your singing would be a lift and a highlight for all the residents and their families and friends.
The Lord is with you and may He continue to bless you and your dear son & daughter,
Mark Witherspoon.

,The above letter ,touched my heart and after agreeing to help,i have now managed to organize a
venue within the hospital grounds (in the local cafe) its quite large and should fit around a thousand people
it is also close by so that the patients who are still resident in the wards can comfortably attend without compromising
their treatment/medication and have easy access to get back to their beds when the time comes, i have also arranged for there to be an on site nurse available just in case there is a need,
there will be a finger buffet (patients who usually have a set meal by their beds will now be aloud to eat at the venue as permission has been granted by the boss of the cafeteria) this will also help them to gain access and choose a great seat) i shall be providing the entertainment (singing) while they eat and afterwards they are all welcome to participate in a karaoke, to aid with the fundraising i have set up a ticket combining the admission price together with the price of a raffle ticket,with wonderful prizes included,that i have asked to be donated by various successful business around my area,so many wonderful kind people have donated,a meal for two,a front seat ticket to a top billing Theatre show, scrumy chocolate treats,pampering packages,the list goes on.,
the goal we are trying to achieve is to raise enough funds for the neuro -rehab unit (where collette is now) to say thank you to them for all her care and to hopefully raise enough to buy a wheel chair., all we can do is try.
Karen x

thewingedone thewingedone
51-55, F
May 20, 2012