Love Peeing Together.

Holding each other close, our legs intertwined, our bodies touching, kissing , caressing. You can feel my erection between your legs, and it arouses you. I feel you rubbing slightly against me, so I begin to pee slowly making sure you can feel my stream warming your clitoris,feel it flowing between your lips and down your legs. U moan a little and respond in kind, and I feel a thrill as you pe e all over my hard erection. Our passion erupts, we pull our bodies soooo tightly together, feeling each others warmth all over our bodies., We kiss deeply, our hands exploring each others private areas, soaking them, soaking each other......

I could go on for hours and hours...... If ur a woman and share my pashion, i have so much more to give.

mpolo13 mpolo13
36-40, M
1 Response Mar 10, 2009

hot fantacy. I hope you get to make it a reality.