Was Crossdressed By Two Women

    The year was 1988, it was nearly halloween.  My brothers children wanted to go out trick or treating but couldn't take them due to work commitments
I volunteered to take them.   My Sister-in-law was ecstatic, finally the three kids would get to go out and she knew they would be protected.  She knew I was a police officer and nothing would happen to them by either the criminal element or by the larger kids that prey on the little ones.
    As the day drew near my sister-in law asked what was I going to wear,  telling me I had to be in costume.  I suggested just wearing my uniform but she thought it might be a little intimidating.   She said she had an idea that had been given to her by my mother. (see other stories).  I said what is it and she sugggested I dress as a woman.   I crossdressed but I thought she didn't know of it.    I said I would do it only if I looked good enough to pass as a woman.  You see I am six foot tall and weigh 140 lbs, so it would be difficult.   She took some measurements and said she would take care of the clothing.  
     The night before was a Saturday, if I remember correctly.   She called me to come over to so as she and her cousin could transform me.  I arrived at 4 o'clock and both she, Virginia and her cousin, Elizabeth were already there.   My brother had already gone to work for the night maintenance company he worked for.   Both women looked at me and asked me to ***** down to my underwear so as they could see what they had to work with.   I was a little nervous stripping in front of them, especially my sister-in-law.   They assured me nothing was going to happen and my brother already knew what was going to happen.  I then ******** down to my jockey shorts (y-fronts).   Elizabeth came over by me and said the body hair has got to go, face, chest and legs.  She handed me a razor, sent me into the bath room to shower and shave.  After removing all of my body hair, I only nicked my self once, I went back into the living room where they handed me a robe to put on.  It was one of those heavy terry cloth robes you see most women seem to own.  I asked Virginia where the kids were and she said my mother had picked them up earlier and would be back home around nine.  She then excused herself and went into her bedroom, while Elizabeth came over and said she was going to do the make-up.  She started with the base powder and some light rouge
to make my cheeks glow is what she said.  She then thinned out my eyebrows, applied some eyebrow pencil to darken them.  Applied eyeshadow and mascara.   The last thing was the lip liner which was a light red and apllied the lipstick which was more pink then red.  I think she called it a coral
or something similar.   Virginia came back into the room while she was doing all of this carrying a bag.  As soon as Elizabeth said she was finished
Virginia said it was time to get dressed.   Out of the bag she pulled a pair of pink nylon panties trimmed in lace and told me to change into them, no to wear them over my y-fronts.  I stepped into the bathroom once again and changed there.   I came back out and she approached me with a bra.  She said it was a b-c- cup which would give the appearance of breasts, but not over stating them.  She placed a couple of balloons filled with bird seed and rice and placed them into the cups.  Next came a full pink nylon slip trimmed in lace around the bodice.  It was very pretty.  Finally she pulled out a Pink dress and placed it over my head.  The dress fit perfectly, showing off my new breasts.  The dress had three quarter lenght sleeves that were bloused on the ends. The bottom of the dress flowed outward like a prairie skirt but was layered making it look like I had on several skirts under a short dress.  The dress itself went to just above my knees.  Then the both of them had me sit while they put a pair of nude pantyhose on me.  over the foot and like unrolling it up to my thighs.  They told me to finish pulling it up so its' waistband was just above my panties.  Because o f my height they got some size 11 flats that went well with the dress.  The shoes were an off-white with an open toe.
     Finally they had me come with them to Virginia's bedroom where they had a full lenght mirror.  To say I was shocked would be an understatement.
I looked like a twenty something woman with a very cute face.  I didn't even have the wig on yet, but I definitely looked like a woman with medium lenght hair.  The wig they soon put on me only accented the look.  
    Since it was only 7:30 pm, they suggested for us to go out for a late dinner, virginia's kids wouldn't be home for over an hour.   They said this was to test if I would pass outside with the kids.  I agreed and we went to the local dinner club.  No one even said a word to me.  I was treated as any woman was,  I think the waiter even made a pass at me.  It was a fun evening.   We then went back to Virginias home.  I was going to change but Virginia just said to go just as I was that way all they would have to do tomorrow would be a touch-up here and there.  It made sense to me so I went on home completely transformed.  The next day I went back over to Virginias.  They checked everything over and had to fix my make-up.  The kids loved it.  They knew I was a cop and said the bad guys would be in for a surprise if they tried anything.  Halloween went without incident, I was glad of that because I really wouldn't have wanted to fill out any reports for any arrests.
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