Going To A All Girl Event

I wanted to go to this Devonshire tea event that was in aid of breast cancer research. So I rang my friend who new that I was a cross dresser . H er name is Lisa. She found out through my stupidity with a computer and I invited her to be friends on face book as Abigail .any way that's another story. We arranged to go together and she said that she would arrive a few hours before so that she could do my make up .Well when she arrived I was still getting dressed and I answered the door in my corset and I asked her if she could give me a hand to tie it ,she was quite obliging and she complimented me on my choice of corset then she asked if I was going to wear stockings or tights I said I would be wearing tights so that they can help with my tucking.She suggested that I wear stockings and she pulled out a gaff from her purse .I was thrilled and told her that I was glad to have a friend as good as you. She said aw shucks thank you. Any way we arrived at the Devonshire tea with me all done up and Lisa looking smashing ,the event was going well when all of a sudden Lisa came and pashed me I was quite surprised, and then she asked the lady sitting at our table her name is Debbie if she would like to kiss this gorgeous man, I said to Lisa what are you doing and Lisa said to me to be nice ,well the next thing I had this woman sitting next to me and she was saying you are a very gorgeous man and I wish that my man would dress this way then she asked If I was wearing stockings at the same time slipping her hand under my skirt and up my thigh .I have to say that I was exile-rated to have these women want me as a feminine man .Then they suggested that we leave and get a room, I almost could not help my self so they took me to the ladies and relieved my pressure then they said we are going to turn you into such a sissy and I was trying to protest but they said that if I did not play along that they would tell the whole crowd that I was a drag queen so I played along. when we got to the room these ladies made me watch them play and then Lisa brought out a strap on and told me to **** it so I did while I was doing that .I felt Debbie applying lubricant to my ****hole Then Debbie said to Lisa that I was ready so Lisa had me kneel on all fours while she went around be hind me I felt her slide into me and then she stopped so that I was not overwhelmed then she began and after a few thrusts, I could not believe that I was feeling the way that I was , I thought that I was going to ****** with her thrusting in and out Then I had Debbie take me ****** her and that was to much for me I exploded and got a right spanking for not controlling my self better .So guess who is going to have to learn the hard way on how to control your ******,I had to ask does this mean that we are going to do this more often and they looked at each other and siad it sure does ,I am glad I can't believe that it could be this good.
Abigail590 Abigail590
41-45, T
Aug 14, 2010