The Nurses Party!

So when I was about 20, shortly after leaving college and starting work, I lived in a shared house. Two of the residents were student nurses (both female), and 1 was a female architect. So it was a bit of heaven being amongst these lovely young ladies all the time.

It was common practice for me to arrive home and find the living room full of nurses...they'd stop what they were talking about and about a dozen sets of eyes would follow me across the room and up the stairs. It was quite intimidating and quite exciting at the same time.

The moment I remember the best was when they held a party at the house. We had loads of people there, and they wanted me to wear a female nurses uniform. I pretended that I wouldn't entertain the idea....and pretty soon they were chasing me around and helping me out of my male clothes and into a nurses uniform. I'm sure they suspected my passion for dressing when they saw my huge *****!

Later that evening I was snogging one of my housemates sisters while wearing a nurses uniform. It was very hot!
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my kind of party

No to the panties and stockings. I wish they had though....that would have been awesome.

Hot hot and hot. A dream come true for you