I dream about the day when a group of women will take me under their wing and transform me into the most feminine girl that I could possibly be. Dressing me in sexy lingerie,stockings ,skirt and heels. Helping me out with my makeup and ready to party with them. We all go to a bar and dance drink and have fun. It appears that they have done a good job in my preparation as nobody gives me a second look, as I enjoy my new found femininity.

After awhile the girls suggest we all go to a male ***** club. We all get into a cab and off we go. Once there we get some seats close to the action and the girls already a little uninhibited from drinking all night start to become a little aggressive with the performers, who do not mind at all. Now all the girls are encouraging me to take part with them and be a real girl. Reluctantly I start using my feminine hands and face as the girls egg me on. I did notice that this one young man did pay particular attention to me and was spending more time with and by me than the others. Uknown to me the girls had made a deal with this gent to make me a real girl that night.

Plenty of alcohol had been consumed by all and everyone was having a good time. Then my secret admirer came over took me by the hand and encouraged me to come up on stage. As I walked up I could hear the entire room cheering. Once on stage after a little dancing and carrying on the gent began to fondle and caress me. His hands were all over me, my back chest legs under my skirt and on my shoulders at which time he pushed me down to my knees. I knew what he wanted and all the crowd was yelling for me to act. I did I did what a girl would do and as I continued really got into the process. After what seemed to be about 10 minutes the girls in the room yelled out for him to take me. Yelling take her, take her! It was loud and raucous. He brought one of the girls from our party up on stage, the one who arranged the evening, put her in a chair made me get on all fours with my face in her lap lifted my skirt pulled aside my panties and all I can say is that after about 10 minutes or so I became a real girl with the warmth of my lover spreading deep inside in front of a room full of other ladies cheering and shouting.
kathyr61 kathyr61
56-60, M
Jan 11, 2013