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Sissy Model Wanted (the Interview) (fantasy)

The add in the local paper read: Sissy Model Wanted!   I was intrigued by the add so I called the number to see what it was all about!  The phone was answered by the local adult book store!  I was kind of stumbling on about the add, when the girl said oh your calling about the sissy add, let me get Mary for you!  I waited to talk to Mary even though I wasn't really interested in the job!  She was so sweet on the phone and wanted to see me in person if I was interested!  She did ask if I was still in the closet!  A rather forward question but I told her that I was!   I thought this would be a way out of what I've got myself into, over the phone!  She assured me when she was done making me pretty that no one would be able to recognize me!  So I agreed to meet with her at a local pub! 

When we met, she explained that she hosted adult toy parties all over the Midwest and almost all the shows were out of town!  She explained on her last tour of shows, she was asked to do a show on how to feminize your husband!  That's where the sissy comes in!  She would be using me at each show to demonstrate all sorts of things!  Some of which I'd never heard of!   She asked, if I would be comfortable with the idea of being naked in front of a group of 20 to 30 women!  She also indicated that some of the women might want to touch me and practice methods on me!  She's definitely had my attention now!  I get to be naked in front of women and they can touch me!  You probably know what I'm thinking, and Mary could too!  She told me I could only touch the women, if I was asked to!  Mary also asked me, if I had used any toys yet, as this would possibly be part of the show!  A little embarrassed, I admitted that I had!  She started asking questions about what I had used and how often!  Even though, I was thoroughly embarrassed by all the questions my **** was oozing precum into my panties!  She didn't even stop talking about ****** and butt plugs when the waitress came to the table!  The waitress just looked at me and smiled!  My **** twitched every time she looked at me!  Mary told me, that she thought, I was definitely capable of being her sissy model and she would contact me within a week about her decision!  She didn't even give me the opportunity to turn her down!  I guess she really didn't need to because I was so horned up by the conversation, I couldn't possibly turn her down yet!  Worse yet I didn't want to turn it down!   I now was willing to beg for the job!  I was hoping the other canidates would flop at their interviews!  I really wanted this job!

haileeTV haileeTV 41-45, T 9 Responses Mar 27, 2010

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If Mary is into the Export market..........I would soooooo much looooove to be her model here in New Zealand !! My little sissy clitty is leaking so much into my panties, thinking of all the great possibilities.


WOW. Would love to be her submissive model or even her submissive ****. LOL

well yes as a matter of fact she does! She wants someone more submissive than me! She says that I am to eager and when I play the submissive role it's not realistic! I tried very hard but it is tough! Would you like me to put in a good word for you! I hope your interested it would be so much fun doing shows with you!

Please sign me up...!

I wonder if Mary needs a second model?

Well girl, what happened?


Sounds like a dream job for a crossdresser. I would love to hear more if you get the job and of course to read what happens next.

Thats awesome... So jealous...