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Need A Best Friend Not A New One.

I have always been in the mist of people. doing things against my will just to please someone i like. sacrificing without acknowledgement is something i have done all my life. why do i need someone i have things in common with at all, sometimes i ask myself this. Thinking this friend of yours is your bestfriend and you are his or her bestfriend when they know you are not even close, just pitying you but never doing their best to please you. it is worth it to love someone at all if they don't appreciate you, reciprocate your love, care and honesty for them.
well i have not made the mistake of making such people my friend, cos i have seen through them, i know they lie whenever it suits them.
being in the mist of people who ain't strangers but feeling lonely.
 i need a friend, who understands me
who will always be there for me
who will love and cherish me
i need a friend who sees me as a friend
i need a friend i have things in common with
i need my very first bestfriend.
needyfun needyfun 18-21, F 3 Responses Nov 3, 2010

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I'm ok. thanks 4 asking.

Hello :) I see you posted this a while back. How are you? I hope you're feeing better now.

i really truly need a best friend