Wanted: A New Best Friend.

4 years ago I worked in a lively environment where I saw tons of people daily and was close to the people I worked with. I worked with a woman who became my best friend, and we talked daily and saw each other regularly for a catch up, a moan, a laugh, a drink - whatever. I was made redundant and got another job - much quieter where I hardly see anyone - and we still kept in touch and were close. Last year, we weren't seeing so much of each other but I still text and called her. We made plans to meet (she doesn't drive so I always picked her up), and she cancelled by text the night before. We made other plans ........and she cancelled again. It hurt my feelings. I've sent her a birthday card and Christmas card and the occaisional text I don't get answers to, and it's now been a year since I was last in touch with her. I don't know what happened but I accept that fact that people come into your life and leave sometimes whether you like it or not. But I miss her. I miss having a best friend. How do you find a new best friend?

I think I'm a likeable person. I find it easy to like others too. But I don't seem to get out much, what with work, kids, partner & home. So I don't meet new people. I joined an amateur drama group but although I tried to join in, I was left feeling on the fringes of everything and felt lonlier in that crowd than I felt on my own. It knocked my confidence. I battle wwith depression ayway and at times find it hard to join in, but I did try. I'm open to new friendships but don't know where to start.

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It doesn't matter what your past was,don't let that board you cos when a friend goes out of your life, you'll surely find another and if possible you can't take it, then give your self a little break but not that you wont talk to any one but not too personal so that you wont hurt your self again!!!!! You have to take every thing in life easy!!!!!!!!

Don't love or hate what happened. It's just part of life, moving on. It's just time you did the same. It sounds harsh, but I'm in the exact situation, floating around peopl.e

It sounds like this woman just moved on and the only way she could think of to let you down was by ignoring you. Not the best way, I'll admit. I'm afraid that sometimes friends just come and go. My best friend for eight years doesn't know I exist any more. He never talks to me and though I've tried to contact him, he rarely replies back. It's just something that we have to come to terms with as we go through life, I suppose.<br />
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And there will always be new friends to meet and places to go, so don't worry. You're obviously trying your best to get involved and get out there and try to find a new friend and I solemly believe that you'll accomplish this with no problems. :)

Thank you. I think I'm a good person - I certainly try to be generally. It would be so great to have that best friend thing again though. My partner is great and so are my kids and I feel lucky that I have them, but it's not the same as having your best friend is it? I know I already have a lot, but still would just love it.

Be strong u will find a gud friend people cross our paths 4 a reason be patient u sound like a gud person dont think u will have problems meeting a friend