Exciting Development

There should be a law against being as excited and happy as one of my girlfriends was on Friday! We met at a party last Christmas – cordial and conservative but have been chatting via email since. She is very cute and barely overweight, but her husband wants her to be a rail and has treated her badly over the last few years because of the natural weight gain. The relationship moved as any normal opposite sex friendship and soon she found herself sharing her deepest secrets. She loves the way I use her in my fantasies and though we had always agreed to be simply secret email pals … she has succumbed to my limited charms.  She claims to have never cheated on her spouse of 16 years but on Friday, the light bulb went off in her mind and she told me the date we would meet again.  She was absolutely bubbling with excitement and plans and she felt more beautiful and desired than she’s ever felt in her life. As we texted back and forth all morning, it became clear that no matter what happened after Friday, she was having one of the best days of her life.

Her outlook on the world changed instantly as well. She took her daughter to a water park vacation on Saturday and sent me an email this morning that showed me that she sees the world the way it is; beautiful women shamelessly enjoying the sensuous delights of sun and water - comfortable in the knowledge that someone loves them for who they are and those that would look at their imperfections and judge them aren't worth their consideration.

Such joy! I am so pleased and happy for her.
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2 Responses Jul 25, 2010

I feel wonderful! Thank you. We are currently very excited about our next date and trying our best to remain in lust and not fall in love.

that's such a beautiful gift you gave her. this is why people need affairs -- life is not perfect and it's important to find our perfections. a secret email affair is a lovely way to do it. i hope you feel good, too!