My Shy Wife...

My shy wife definitely surprised me… a collection of photos, secured nicely in a small tin, of her dressed in negligees and striking sexy poses in her Triathlon Uniform!
I couldn't believe what I was looking at. Here, in full color and eloquently exposed for my viewing pleasure, was my wife that cringed at the thought of me photographing her.  She said it took her a couple times to overcome her anxieties and have the photos taken, even though it was a female photographer.  She said she even cancelled a couple times out of sheer nervousness.  But having finally overcome her anxiety, she posed beautifully and took some fantastic photos that reveal her beauty in every way.
In her negligee draped with feathery boas, frosted around the edges to soften and enhance the beauty of my sexy wife.  Another photo of her in her triathlon suit, the top unzipped just enough, and her playfully leaning over to teasingly show off her succulent breasts.  In yet another photo she is topless, holding her cycling helmet over her chest which does only a little to hide her nakedness.
The collection is exquisite in many ways, and I admire her for her courage and desire to have these taken for me.  I only wish she would let me photograph her beautiful, sexy body… but all in good time.  We have a friend with a very nice back yard that has offered it for a photo shoot.  I just may have to take them up on that offer – for both of us to be photographed.  I get so excited just thinking about the possibilities!
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My wife would pose for me and a male friend when she was younger