I actually Have planned to do this for awhile. You can do about 10 days for 12 to 15 grand. It's good to get in with a company that offers safari's they know all the requirements and permits are usally covered under their local license.
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Yeah being american Is not all it cracked up to be these days.

well then, I'm glad I'm not many things to consider on a safaric adventure but I suppose the experience is worth it.

You can get all your licenses through your safari company. I imagine it's why it's so expensive. Plus the amount of vaccinations you need is crazy too. Safety is a concren too, since kidnapping an american for ransom is at an all time high.

you need a license to TAKE PICTURES? guess that rules out a safari for me...

Yeah Africa, has quite a bit of licensing you have to go through. You even have to be licensed to take pictures

I've always wanted to go on a safari but I thought that stuff was only in movies :p<br />
<br />
hmm it sounds cool, but 12-15 GRAND?!?!