Just to lay back, relax, and let someone ignight my scenes.
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...a Big Titted, big booty woman who likes to have her Big **** squeezed as she gets ****** up her *** by a guy with a big 9 inch **** - WE NEED TO CHAT !!!

I've really enjoy giving as well as receiving. I posted an add on craigslist when I was in Vegas. The short version said I am a 45 year old white male who is very good a giving massage. I gave a detailed description of my massage including the "happy ending part". I've learned this art from reading and exploring tantra and erotic massage books. So I get a reply back from a guy. His wife is looking for a good massage but he has to be present to make sure all is safe. I told him I'm ok with that. Turns out we are at the same hotel which made it very easy. I grabbed my oil and headed up to there room. She was dressed in a teddy and he was in shorts and a t-shirt. We had a glass of beer together talking then she said she was ready. She dropped her teddy and laid on the bed. I was wearing gym shorts and boxers with a t-shirt. I started on her back and spent a long time there. Worked down to her *** and legs. Teasing all the right spots as my hand glided over her smooth skin. I would glance over at her husband who was sitting on a chair in the room. I could see he was really into this. In fact, I saw a tent forming in his shorts. I turned her over and spent a long time on her breast, nipples and upper body. Moving the energy down to her Yoni. I then went to her feet and worked them for a long time. Her legs were spread wide open and I could see the wetness on her lips and they were spread wide open. She was very turned on. I worked back up her leg and the closer I got to her mid section the more she moaned and lifted her hips. I don't have time to go into the whole massage right now but the basics are you spend lots of time on the outside. Lips and the mound. Then one finger in and massage the inside. Then two fingers. Finding the G-spot. She was going crazy. Her hips rising and falling and then she cam hard. She was a squarter, which I've never experienced. TON's of fluid was gushing out and she was going nuts. I looked over at her husband and he was ******* also with his coc* in his hand. Needless to say I was hard as a rock but this was her time and not mine so I pulled the covers over her and gave her a kiss. Grabbed my oil and headed to my room. I hoped no one would see me because I had a massive hard on. lol Got back to the room and took care of myself. Got an email from the couple the next day and she said it was a great experience and would love to do it again. I, unfortunately had to leave that day so we could not do it again.

I've done this now a few times. Always enjoy it.

My wife does too. I'd like to help her. Any ideas?

I would like give you an erotic massage, where do you live?

My wife is wanting an erotic massage. What kind of experience do u have?

We are young married couple live in dubai.. Looking for a couple / woman to have fun

erotic but hard. feel those muscles loosen, feel me tighten.


There is no greater stress reliever.

Well i know a couple things that work better

that`s included with the massage ;)

Yes please

What's an erotic massage without a happy ending?

oils, heat, and me.

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my specialty!

There is nothing more sensual than an erotic massage. I feel the same way. Hope you let me in your circle, we seem to think alike.

My wife is wanting an erotic massage. How do I find someone that can do it?

I am trained in massage
I live in Alaska
Plan on taking a vacation this year?

im told i give a give a very good sensual massage. want to be the judge yourself?

It is fun to allow this to happen and enjoy them taking care of you.

I've had an erotic massage that started as a regular massage...it was wonderful!

It would be divine to massage and explore your most special places

I enjoy giving massages, sensual and erotic or just plain relaxing. Don't mind being on the receiving end either. By the way, is that the Goddess Durga?

with a good massage oil