I never broke anything in my youth, besides my freshly grown new pair of front teeth... They fell out a couple of days later and to everybody's amazement I grew an even fresher pair (of teeth), the same ones I still have now  : )
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Wow Jimmy that's totally AWESOME!! You had a pair and a spare pair..How lucky was that!?! Just don't lose any of the other "vital" parts on you, cause you might not have a replacement part ready to pop out...just sayin....*wink*

Yep, I lost my baby teeth, then in a cycling accident I broke and lost my "grown-up" front teeth and within two weeks a new pair started to grow...

Are you saying you grew a third pair of front teeth? Is that what you're telling us? Huh?

lol @ Woobie..... I thought of the same naughty thing when I read this....*blush*<br />
<br />
And beautiful teeth they are too Jimmy! Now were the first ones that fell out baby teeth or were they second teeth and they fell out and a third set came through? I might be being blonde here but I've never heard of a third set of teeth coming out....

Mhm. it's sure a good thing you specified that the fresh pair were TEETH!! :0]