Happy Days With A Sting

I used to play out in my back garden and i was fasinated by all the insects i used to pick them up and watch them wiggle around most days played with my

friend colette who lived over the road life was full of sunshine and laughter and every day for my tea i would have treacle and bread it was heaven

One lovely summer day i was playing in the back garden we had the paddling pool out and i had made my den which was a clothes horse with old sheets draped over it i had been busy making soup in the paddling pool carefully selecting petals and leaves that would make a tasty meal. i was delighted when my best friend from school strolled into the garden she declared ive brought that present i said i was making for you. jenny was always making little pressies for me usually it was something like a match box with one of her mums old earings inside but i thought they were amazing. Jenny told me to close my eyes and hold out my hand which i did when i felt something on the palm of my hand i automaticaly closed it which hurt so i screamed my mum can running into the garden to find me shaking with shock as there was a big bumble bee embeded in my hand. 
sunshinejudi sunshinejudi
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1 Response Jan 28, 2012

Ouch! Bet that hurt. I got stung by a bee once when I was running around playing jungle with my brothers. I'm scared of anything that wiggles and buzzes...I really wish I could get over my fear :/

I love insects and i would love to keep bees even after that experience hurts for a bit but soon goes nothing to fear