In My Pocket, 1

I used to keep tiny plastic models of ocean liners that came free with corn flakes in my pocket and when it rained I would float them along the gutters on the way to school which would leave my hands cold and wrinkled and gritty under the nails.

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A Wonderful Childhood memory. it made me smile :)

I would tie cans of soup to the broom and pretend to lift weights

I loved to bake patty I wou;d sneak into mum's kitchen cupboard and (borrow) her cake tins, take them outside and fill them with mud and leave them in the sun to harden, then I would decorate them with fresh mud and leaves

Thank you! I seem to remember that as a child I knew the texture, smell and taste even of all the things around ground level, sinking my nails into the centre of daisies, sucking a stone - seem to spend too much time on my feet now!

that sounds like a great thing for a little boy to do!