Frogs In the Creek..

Slippery things, moss between the toes, unsteady rocks, the chill of the water splashing my ankles, the thrill of the chase, and an abundance of laughter..

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13 Responses Mar 15, 2009

I like both ya'll.... tearway thanx for defending me... Forum, I truly feel for you... Your sentence feels alot like what I have been through.. No worries I share your pain, I just carry it differently... xx ((hugs))

OK! *clicks OK*

Let's all be friends. OK? OK.

Hugs!! See I was right. She IS nice.

Hugs to you both.... (((hugs)))

Yes she seems very nice. I'm glad you're chill now. That was a pretty heavy sentence, though! I wasn't even in a particularly bad mood. That stuff doesn't actually bother me very much since I never needed those squares around anyway!<br />
<br />
It ain't heavy, it's my senteeeence.

Hah, she called you Forum. She seems nice though

Forum.... I am kind of speechless... Sorry to hear you have nothing good to remember... Very sad... One hell of a sentence though...

No, I was just ranting and raving. I would have if I still had my steno pad... legal pads and composition books aren't ripe enough for my soul.

Did you write some poetry? :/

I like most produce more than I like most of my family haha.

Riding coat tails sounds kinda a dirty thing to do to someone's childhood memory. Tough break Unoriginal. You sure can pull a decent sentence out of a hat though!<br />
I'm glad you got a strawberry.

I don't like the concept enough to join the group and submit my own story so i'll ride your coat tails. Here goes:<br><br />
<br><br />
<br><br />
I remember my grandfather taking me to the park and then running off and hiding behind trees to see if I would make my way back home or not and I totally did and he was all like "oh, hey, good job bub - have this strawberry" and I was all like NUM NUM NUM and now that I think about it I suppose my grandfather was kind of an ******* and when I got to be a bit older I used to work with him on the weekends sometimes like at the Tampa Tribune printing press where we'd get in at midnight and assemble the various pieces of the paper and then deliver it throughout town to vending machines and stores and what not and later on in my life I even helped him mow giant lawns like the ones to apartment complexes and trailer parks and that savage, unrelentingly cheap bastard only gave me like $15 for a whole day's work each time as if I dont have things to spend money on like college or punch balloons or candy of some sort and things like that make me really glad that my family just doesn't stay in touch all that often because when you get right down to it most of them are complete jerks including my aunt who was a prostitute down by the tracks on Nebraska and my uncle who was an unmentionable freak and my own biological father who spent more time face down in a pile of cocaine than he ever did thinking about me and its enough to make me just want to go write some crappy poetry on a Stenographers pad because I respect court reporters more than my own family because at least they tell the truth.<br><br><br />
<br><br><br />
I love reminiscing.