Funny Moment

I took my dad's cologne and hid it in my cabinet and when he asked me if I had taken it I had said no, but after he left for work and mom ased me if I did it I smiled at her and said hapiily, yes i did.

SerenityDolphins SerenityDolphins
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hi there serenity dolphins me as been battleing with anxiety and depression now for over 45years and me still his fwiend me his adult baby 247 and my wife is my mumm247 and it has help me alot has me now left or the worring and thing to my mummy fwiend baby glencoe2

That is possible. I did draw alot on the walls, then again I never remember having paper around. LOL!!!!

in fact there's a lot of my stuff missing!!!! Not anything of any value. But I bet I'd find my make up all over the walls of my old house, lol!

there's always that possiblity lol

bet my kids do the same to me, HAHA

Flying, untethered to the earth, in my magical swing spaceship.

Say whAt?