Lake Erie

My #1 favourite place in life. But my family sold the cottage in the summer of 2006 :(

I remember, year after year after year, almost unaware of the passing of time, being excited for months before I got to go there.

The first week of July, mid-summer, and Labour Day Weekend, every year. Fireworks and a campfire on the beach for every Canada Day.

With cousin (who was also my best friend) and the third wheel (aka my little brother, who is now a 15 year old stoner), taking Grandma's dogs for walks down the quaint, peaceful and winding road, within sight of the lake. Playing "camoflage" on the way.

There was that little bar in the living room, with marbles, puzzles and board games galore, where my cousin and I would play "restaurant".

Of course, there were the two kids who lived in the cottage next door, with their multitude of pets, and who we would play "bloody murderer" and "gathering salamanders" with, and played on their swing-set, every day and night. I remember my first time seeing "Charlotte's Web", it was at their house. And I remember trying to practical-joke the neighbourhood boys. I could never forget.

And of course there was the lake itself, huge and serene. The waves would range from high and turbulent to almost non-existent. And the tiny neighbourhood beach seemed to go on forever. Grandma's cottage on Lake Erie was a paradise, the epitome of happiness, innocence and freedom in my childhood.

But then, within the past decade, things changed. Mass amounts of fish died, and the water and the beach became overrun with black algae and zebra mussels.

So, after Grandma died in September 2005, my family sold the place.

But I still have dreams about it. I wish I could go back and play.

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1 Response Mar 15, 2010

What wonderful memories to have, loved reading your story, we're not kids for long enough, that's what i say !