Guys tend to desire these relationships more so than women, who often view these forms of friendships as pointless.

The summer following my freshman yr in college I had one of the most memorable friendships of my life.

Perhaps this girl of summer thought my friendship required this caveat: unhinged intimacy?
Perhaps blossoming sexuality and intimate curiosity comforted us in innocence? 

In the knowing.
Knowing what we were experiencing as friends, lovers and sensual beings was ok.
Feeling as though intertwined in bliss was natural and should always be.
Not totally comprehending every sensation but knowing and wanting those feelings to be a part of our lives forever.

What happened?
We became men / women, attached to Professions, shaped by ethics and morality.
The intimacy compromised and bartered.
The euphoria of sensuality not a vague memory.

I want a friend..... and the intimacy too.

my babble...............
axston axston
31-35, M
May 21, 2012