I Like to Know What Weakness Do I Have In My Personality

Being Boss sometimes leave u alone and i feel i am answerable to no one but myself, good right ?  yes but also have drawbacks. No one can tell you where you get wrong.

I feel sometime that i am hyper and too nice its get hard for me to find the middle point or ground where i don;t go too low or too high.

Aggressive few times when i have to make my work done yes i get that aggressiveness in my tone.

Caring most of the time i treat my employees as my friends or my kids.

Lonely...i don;t know about that .

Funny... yes mostly i am funny to hide myself.

Secretive.... highly

emotional... i use to be but not anymore.

Honest... i try to be honest as much as i can.

polite....IF u r polite i am the politest...if u r not ooh God you better stay away from me....lol

I know where i come from and i keep my values and tradition and i feel honor to keep the good teaching i learn from my dad a and mom.

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8 Responses Mar 8, 2009

cntryloner.... i never felt offended by someone who read my story and have courage to write few good words for me......<br />
it was just i am in a stage where it feel odd.. <br />
so again thanx for ur sweet words

Thank you bravo, I really thought I had offended you in someway. I live alone also and sometimes that gets to me too.

i was just kidding... Cntryloner.... i appriciate ur remarks and nice to exchange of words with you ....thanks again

100% huh? Ok. I hope you find the answer you are looking for.

you are suger and honey coated...100%.... <br />
i am not perfection...as living alone i feel i don;t know what really i am....soo thats why i rase that question.

Sugar coated? No. I was being honest. Everyone always has something they can improve about themselves but from what you have written I see an honest genuine person. You treat others as you would like to be treated. Are you striving for perfection?

cntryloner......wooow suger-coted words, thanx for ur remarks but i really like to know about myself soo i can improve and get better.

I see no weakness' here, just a nice person :) and a good friend.