Wanna Help Me M A S T U R B A T E?

I love reading sexy erotic stories. I am not into dominatrix or anal. But anything else goes;) guys or girls are welcome to send and if you'd like me to send you a story post below. No older people though, guys and girls still apply. Just tell me what you're into
lovemarilyn lovemarilyn
18-21, F
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Please add me

I like people that are so erotic like you

I'd love a story...something hot and intense, I would even return the favor!

I'd love to share my thoughts and imagination with you. I'm into tenderness and joy, not rough or cold sex.

I love touching and holding, lingering and exploring, and the feel of warm skin against mine.

Let me know and maybe we can let our imaginations loose together.

I've got a couple stories I wrote a while back. Add me and I'll send them to you. And I wouldn't mind reading one of yours, I'm pretty open so I'll let you choose the subject

I would love you to send me a story :)

Awwww..are you an ageist?

I'm here for you girl!
I'm so horny :)

If u want a girl

Sweetie I would love to give u thoughts to stroke ur **** over

Help me ********** and I'll help you ********** ;) will have fun with it and get so turned on it the process ;) message me tonight

We are not older, we are like a fine wine getting better with age so young lady please show us some respect.

I dont think it's appropriate to do with someone you're calling young lady ;) lol

I was in the navy young lady when you were not even a twinkle in your daddy`s eye so there are alot of things I could have said but was just being nice and you have a Happy Holiday.

Agreed. Sad thing is, I was never "a twinkle in my daddy's eye". But you have a happy holidays as well:)

That is sad, I`ll tell you what in the future if you ever need someone to talk to just call me papaw. My father was an alcholic so in a way we`re both in the same boat. Merry Christmas

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Hi I'm marcus I'm a male 18 and jaa don't know wat u would like 2 know of me soo feel free 2 ask me anything ,,uhmm I love2 ********** quite a lot it feels so good can't actuly belive I can meet a girl now who actuly doesn't think weird or anything nd like's 2 ********** aswell,,I love it wen a girl masturbates it just turns me on lol :P

Trust me, a lot of girls do. We just aren't as open about it. And it turns me on as well;) lol