I Would Love To Go In My Back Yard Naked.

Only two big problems. I live in a Complex. One of my neigbours saw me topless, and nearly had a heart attack. Imagine if I had been nude, so I'm only naked inside, and then, only when it's warm enough. Hurry on Summer.
leprechaunz leprechaunz
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4 Responses Jul 29, 2011

Yea once I was so horny that I lost control so u went outside took all my clothes off and layed on the grass and cars drove by and people saw me.

In many places, even here in the US, you can! lol

I do have a back yard that I go naked in I offen ride my mower nude as well.

Too bad, I sit on my patio naked all the time. I live in a town house that backs up to a golf course, my patio is semi private enough that I can sit out there in the morning with my coffee.