I loved my wife M, very much. It is important that you understand that. We had been married for ten years in fact, when I made the suggestion. You see, although she was just about as perfect as a woman could be, there was one small detail in which she was lacking.

M kept the house clean, and I never had to do much in the way of chores, other than some "guy" things, like cleaning the gutters or heavy lifting. She was a wonderful cook, and we ate wonderful meals almost every night. She was pretty, with a gorgeous body, and boobs to die for. And she dressed well enough to show off her "assets", making me feel so proud that I was the one she was with.

So what was wrong? Well, it was unfortunate: it was in bed. She was sort of a "cold fish" if you will, not very much into lovemaking. It seemed like it was more of a chore for her, something she had to do as a wife, instead of something pleasurable.

I tried to spice it up. I bought her expensive lingerie, but she said she didn't like it, so she wouldn't wear it. I tried to teach her how to go down on me, but she thought it was "gross", and she politely declined. I offered to go down on her first, to get her into it, but she said that wasn't something she was willing to try!

So it was just twice a week (three if I was lucky), her laying on her back, not moving, not talking, just letting me do my thing. Of course, she was so hot that I'd always come, but she acted like she never did.

I tried again and again to get her into it, to try new things, but she just couldn't bring herself to do anything other than the missionary position. A chore for her, like washing the dishes or vacuuming the hall.

It wasn't like I was bad in the sack myself. All of the lovers I had before her always told me how good I was, how big I was, and how much I pleased them. So it wasn't me, it was her. I hadn't known this until we married though. She was the one girl that held out on me, refusing to make love until we were married. With that body of hers (and her sparkling personality), I did all I could to pursue her. I just assumed she'd be wild in bed. How wrong I was.

I tried talking to her about it, because chicks are supposed to like to talk. But that topic was somehow taboo for her, and she wouldn't open up to me. I was growing increasingly frustrated.

She was everything to me, except the one thing a man wants most. For the first time in my life, I understood why some seemingly happily married men had affairs with their secretaries at work. But I could never do that to her; I had married her. We had to work this out.

* * *

Finally, I came across a approach that had to work. I read the online ads until I found a local sex therapist, and signed us up for a couple's clinic, where we would learn how to please each other in bed. Then I broke the news to M.

"I have a problem" I admitted.

"Timothy, what is it?" she replied.

"I'm not living up to my duties as a husband."

"How so?"

"When we go to bed and make love, you know how it upsets me that you just lie there, and don't get into it. I know that in the past I've tried to blame you for it, and tried to get you to do different things. But now I realize something. It isn't you: it's me. I am the one with a problem."

She stared at me, amazed that as a man, I'd admit a shortcoming, especially in bed! Now I had to tell a little fib, but one that would help improve both our lives, so it would be worth it.

"One of my buddies was talking about his relationship" I lied. "He was in almost the same situation that we are, where he and his wife weren't connecting in bed. He told me about a therapist he saw, and how it changed everything. I've decided that for your sake, I need to go, so I can learn how to properly please you in bed."

"Oh Timothy!" said M.

"Yes dear" I continued. "I've even made an appointment. They wanted you to come too tough. They said that we can grow as a couple, and we'll both learn more, if we both attend. Do you think you can do this? For me?"

There. I put the blame on myself. And I laid a guilt-trip on her. How could she say no? And so, the following Monday, we found ourselves in the waiting room of a nondescript clinic, as the clock slowly moved towards 8:30pm, the time of our appointment.

"Mr. and Mrs. K?" said the receptionist. "We're ready for you."

I squeezed M's hand. She squeezed back. We stood up, and walked in the door. Our lives were about to change forever.

* * *

I was surprised at the first thing that happened once we were inside: they separated us. I had thought this would be a couples thing, and clearly, so did M. But I grew very enthusiastic when I saw the instructor I would be working with.

"Hello, I'm Andrea" she said.

Wow. You should have seen this total babe. She was tall, perhaps six feet high, although some of that came from the spike heeled shoes she was wearing. She looked really hot in her white lab coat. I barely paid any attention to the guy in a similar coat who led M away, down the hall. My eyes were fixed on Andrea.

It got even better though. As soon as M was out of sight, she took off her coat, letting me see more of her! Now I could see that her legs were long, and you could see almost all of them, since she wore the tiniest little leather miniskirt you've ever seen! Her top had thin little straps over the shoulders, it didn't even come down far enough to meet her skirt.

But that wasn't the best part: the deep "v" cut let you really see her huge perfect boobs, and her lack of a bra let you clearly see her large nipples right through the thin material! Her hair was long, dark, and gorgeous, as was her face. Now this was a sex therapist!

"Come with me" she said, looking over her shoulder and winking at me, as she walked down the hall, swinging her hips from side to side. I sure hoped I could "come" with her! Wow. She was so hot! I followed her into a room. She locked the door, and had me take a seat.

"In order to be able to give pleasure to your wife" she started, "you need to understand female anatomy, and all of the inner workings of a *****."

As she said this, she was pulling down her panties! Then she removed her skirt too! I was staring at the perfectly manicured ***** of dark hair, and the soft mound below with the slit running from top to bottom. Andrea then sat on the table right in front of me, and spread her legs wide open, with her knees placed on the armrests of my chair.

She was right there in front of me, as if she was offering herself to me. Needless to say, I was as hard as a rock. And she had my full attention!

"Lets begin your guided tour of my *****" she said. "It is important that you remember one key thing from all of this: ***** equals pleasure. Say that for me, please."

"***** equals pleasure" I repeated.

"Very good!" she said as if I had just completed a difficult technical problem or something. Easy to please. I liked that in a woman. Especially one this hot!

"Now lets begin with the labia" she said. "Let me get my pointer out."

She reached for a box that was laying on the table. She opened the lid, and pulled out something that looked just like a man's anatomy. A big realistic *****. She took the tip of it, and used it as a pointer on herself.

"This is the labia major" she said. "And this is called the labia minor."

I could only stare, as she started to give me a lesson on all of the visible anatomy of a woman. With her "pointer" showing the way, I learned all the things I had forgotten from school, when we had sex education. I decided that her teaching methods were quite effective!

She told me about the different types of ******* that women could have, depending on how and where they were stimulated. She insisted however, that the best center of pleasure for a woman was her clitoris. She showed me how it hid behind a hood of flesh, and how you could touch it with your finger. She had me reach out, and touch it.

"Gentle!" she said. "It is a very sensitive spot."

She held my hand by the wrist, and gently controlled the movement of my hand, so I'd learn how hard to touch the special spot, how fast, and all that. Needless to say, I was really into this!

Then she took her "pointer" again, the big *****, and she started to use it to give herself pleasure. With it fully inside her, she let go of it for a moment, reached up, and removed her top! She rubbed her nipples lightly, and sighed, then she returned down low to the ***** with one hand, while the other hand gave attention to her nipples.

She was moaning now, and my eyes were popping out of my head.

"***** equals pleasure" she said breathlessly.

"***** equals pleasure" I repeated.

"Close your eyes, my love" she said.

I did. And the next thing I knew, I was on the couch, and she was sitting in the chair across from me, fully clothed, white coat and all. I blinked. What had just happened? Had I dreamed all of that? Why couldn't I remember what had just occurred?

From the clock on the wall, a full hour had gone past. But having Andrea *****, and do herself in front of me, that must have taken five or ten minutes at the most. Where had the rest of the time gone? I just could not remember. It was like when you wake up, and try to remember what you just dreamed. It is there in your mind, but elusive, just out of reach.

But what did burn strongly in my head, was the memories of seeing all of Andrea, watching her pleasure herself, and the key thing that she taught me: ***** equals pleasure.

She walked me out to the waiting room. A few moments later, M arrived, escorted by the man in the white coat who she had gone off with. We walked to our car, and I knew what was coming. Being that M was a woman, and that I had just spent an hour alone with another woman, she was going to grill me about every last detail. I just knew it. She always did this to me.

"So" she started, "how was your session?"

"Interesting" I replied. "I learned a lot."

"Like what?"

Typical. She'd keep probing, trying to get me to admit any little infidelity I might have committed.

"She taught me a lot about how women feel pleasure, and what parts of their bodies are the most receptive to the touch. She told me to be gentle, and explained how all that stuff you have down there works. How about you? What did you learn?"

There. I shifted the focus off of me!

"The same. I learned a lot about what men like and what they like a woman to do for them."

"That's nice" I said, hoping that her instructions included the fact that guys needed sex all the time, every day. And that we liked things such as having our women go down on us, or do whatever we wanted, when we wanted. You know. Typical guy stuff. And for me, I always wished that sometimes M would be less independent minded. If sometimes she acted passive or obedient, it would be a huge turn-on.

"It was really interesting. I never realized a lot of things" she continued.

"We'll have to try some of that out when we get home" I said.

"Whatever you would like, my love" she said.

I decided to test her out, and see just how much progress she had made.

"I'd like for you to go down on me" I said.

M smiled. I smiled back. And then, I was in for a shock; she reached down, and unzipped my pants, even as I drove the car! The next thing I knew, she bent over, and worked my manhood out of the zipper! She put her mouth over me, and started to lick.

"Mmmm" she said, "Tastes good."

"Wow..." I whispered, never even daring to dream that she would be willing to do something this dangerous. But here she was, going down on me, as I drove my car! It was dark out, so nobody would see. I just enjoyed it, as I drove. I had to concentrate, trying not to drive off the road!

When I finally came, M sat up and licked her lips.

"I liked that" she said. "I want to do that all the time."

"I liked it too!" I said. "You can do that any time you want to."

"Mmmmm" she said, almost moaning, as if in deep pleasure.

Needless to say, besides getting to see Andrea pleasure herself, M's new behavior was such a bonus that there was absolutely no way I'd miss our appointment for tomorrow at the clinic again!

* * *

All day, I was waiting for the evening. Because I couldn't wait to see Andrea again. And to see what a second appointment might do for M, since she made so much progress in just one session! I smiled broadly as I saw the gorgeous woman in the white lab coat, and as I followed her into her office.

Just like last time, Andrea quickly shed her coat, revealing her sexy lingerie below. She was an absolute knock-out, and I was just drinking in the sight of her, as she strutted around the room in her high heels.

"Now lets get to work, shall we?" she said.

"You've got it!" I replied.

"Now from yesterday, you remember the most important thing. ***** equals pleasure."

"***** equals pleasure" I repeated, as Andrea started to touch herself, caressing her own massive boobs. I was transfixed as I stared at her. I hardly concentrated on her words, as I watched her start to take off her panties, and then as she started to pleasure herself with the tip of her finger.

I was breathing hard. I was feeling a tingle of pleasure all over.... and then I blinked, and I was seated across the room from her, with her fully dressed. No! I had somehow zoned out again, and I just could not remember what we had just done! I wasn't going to let that happen to me again. How could that be possible?

"See you tomorrow" said Andrea.

"Yes. Tomorrow" I replied.

"And remember what you learned today."

"***** equals pleasure" I said.

"Exactly" she said, clapping her hands together, as if I was a toddler who had just counted to ten. But I didn't care. Any attention from her was wonderful!

I met up with M, who had a smile on her face too. I wondered what she did with her instructor, but I didn't want to ask; I was afraid that she might want details on what I did with Andrea, and I wasn't about to disclose that! I quickly steered the conversation in a different direction.

"Would you like to get a drink?" I asked M.

"If you want" she said.

"Great. Where would you like to go?"

"Wherever you want to go" she said, deferring judgment to me. That was great! I usually hated the kind of places that she liked. So I went to one of my favorite bars. We went inside, and I ordered our drinks. She didn't even complain when I got a beer. Usually she would nag me about beer being too fattening, or that she would prefer something light, like wine or some sweet girlie drink. But today, she just accepted what I bought for her. Cool!

As I sipped my beer, my eyes wandered to a girl who was playing pool. She was leaning over the table, and I got a good look up her shirt. She had on these tight jeans, and I couldn't help but to stare at her. Fortunately, M didn't nag me about my "wandering eye". She just sat there drinking and laughing at my jokes as we talked.

I looked at the girl again, as she leaned over the table for her next shot. She looked like she was enjoying herself so much! Just being a beautiful girl was filling her with the highest degree of pleasure. ***** really did equal pleasure!

I stared at her tight little tank top, and how it showed off her cleavage. I suddenly realized that just wearing an outfit like that was a pleasurable experience for her. It must feel wonderful to have a cute top on like that, not to mention the exciting bra beneath it. How could she contain herself, knowing that she had on a bra?

Now my eyes were drawn to another girl, this one wearing a long skirt. As she turned around and her skirt swished, I felt a shiver. Wearing a skirt must be so pleasurable for her! How lucky she was to be able to wear something like that! I turned back to M, and I stared at her boobs beneath her cute top. I could see the outline of her bra, and I realized that she too was feeling overwhelming pleasure from wearing clothes like that. I felt so aroused!

I finished my beer, and I told M that we needed to go home, because looking at her, I was getting so turned on that I just had to have her right away. And she was eager and willing to do it too! We kissed, and headed out the door, heading home so we could make love together. I would use my new skills, knowing how to touch a woman, to make her have the wonderful ****** that she deserved.

* * *

All week, things just kept getting better and better. My sessions with Andrea were breathtaking, as I got to see all of her, and got to see her do so many acts of self-pleasure, that I felt like I knew her body as well as I did my own. And as the week went on, M kept getting more and more obedient to me, doing whatever I asked, without any annoying nagging or complaining. All I had to do was to tell her something, and she'd do it. I was so happy!

Except for one thing: as I watched her dress in the morning, and saw how much pleasure she derived just from wearing her pretty clothes, I felt sad. My clothes looked so plain, so drab, so boring. How exciting her clothes were. All the girls at work too were just brimming with feelings of bliss, just because they were able to wear skirts, heels, pantyhose and other exciting things.

In my mind, I realized something: my life was cold and empty compared to theirs. I'd never be able to feel the pleasure that they did, and that made me feel despondent. I got home before M did, and I felt like I needed a drink. But as I poured myself a glass of whisky, I suddenly had an idea all in a flash: why was I torturing myself, when I didn't have to?

Upstairs, right next to my old stupid clothes in the closet, there was a whole collection of the exciting things that M got to wear. If she could wear them, then why couldn't I? It made so much sense: if a bra gave her so much pleasure it wear, it would give me the same wonderful feeling too. I hurried upstairs, and took off all my clothes.

First I opened up a drawer of the dresser, where she kept her panties. I took out a pink pair, with a cute scalloped edge. I put them on, and as they engulfed me, my eyes automatically closed, as I felt the rush of pleasure, a hundred times better than any ****** I'd ever had in my life!

Now I took out one of her bras, and I put it on too. It felt embarrassed that I had to fumble around a little to get it hooked up in back, but as I got it in place, and got the straps over my shoulders, I was enveloped in such a rush of pleasure, that I fell to my knees.

"***** equals pleasure" I mumbled, as my mind started to realize that these clothes were the key. If I could only continue to dress up, then I would be able to feel the same type of pleasure that M did, or Andrea for that matter. M. Andrea. What exciting names. It would feel so wonderful if I had an exciting name like that too. Something like... Kelli. Yes, Kelli. I would think of myself as Kelli, and that would help me feel these new feminine pleasures.

I was almost euphoric, as I pulled on a pair of pantyhose, then a blue pencil skirt. I was just floating, as I stuffed my bra full so that it looked like I had boobs, and then I pulled on a white tank top. Maybe it wasn't the most fashionable outfit, but it felt so overwhelmingly delicious and marvelous. I felt like a girl. I felt like I was Kelli.

I suddenly turned to see that M had returned home, and she was standing in the doorway.

"You're in my clothes" she said, sounding surprised.

"Yes" I said. "Isn't it wonderful? I want you to call me Kelli."

"Kelli" said M.

"Yes. Now would you please show me how to put on makeup? I don't feel right with my face looking so plain."

"Sure, Kelli" she replied.

Now much to my delight, M sat me down, and started to make up my face! She explained what she was doing, teaching me how to make my face look pretty. With every puff of powder, every brush stroke, I grew more and more euphoric. As M applied mascara to make my eyelashes look long, I almost started to cry, I was so happy. And when she applied pink shimmery lip gloss to my face, I felt like I was floating. I felt so feminine! And the more I felt like a woman, the more pleasure I felt.

"***** equals pleasure" I thought over and over in my head. It felt so wonderful to feel like a woman! I wished I could feel like this all the time.

"There you go, Kelli" said M. "All done. Look how pretty you are."

"Thank you so much, darling" I said.

"What do you want now, dear?"

"I want you to treat me like I'm a woman. Don't think of me as your husband; think of me as your girlfriend."

M paused.

"You are my girlfriend Kelli" she said.

I almost cried again, as wave after wave of euphoria brought me to a new level of excitement that I never even imagined existing.

"Oh my, it is time for our appointment" said M. "Lets go Kelli!"

"Let me use the rest room first" I said.

"No. We're going now. Get in the car."

I looked at her with some surprise. Since our first appointment at the clinic, this was the first time that she had ordered me around. She had been so good, but now she was being bossy. I didn't understand why, but I realized too that we were running low on time, so I followed her to the car, and let her drive us to the clinic.

"Hello Kelli" said Andrea, when I met her in the reception area.

"Hi Andrea!" I replied.

"You're looking very pretty today."

"Thanks!" I said.

Wow, she just accepted my femininity! I was so overjoyed. She thought of me as a woman too! This was so wonderful! I couldn't wait for our session today. She always made me feel so good; now I'd feel even more feminine. I wished with all my heart that I was as pretty of a woman as her.

As we walked back, I looked at her face, noting how she applied her makeup, how she styled her hair, and what kind of shoes she wore. I loved how they were styled, and I loved for a pair like that for myself. I wanted to be just like Andrea.

"How is your relationship with M?" she asked me once we had sat down. I made sure to cross my legs, just like she did, so you couldn't see up my skirt.

"Not so good" I said. "When we first came here, she became so wonderful! She listened to me, she was even obedient for the first time. But all the way here, she complained to me, and she stopped listening to me."

"Do you know why?" said Andrea, with a smile on her face.

"No" I admitted, as I adjusted my bra strap.

"It is because today, she accepted you as a woman."

"I don't understand" I said, after thinking about her confusing answer.

"When M looked at you as a man, she loved your manliness. She loved how strong you were. It made her want you. It made her want to please you. Here at the clinic, we re-enforced that, to the point where she almost worshiped you, as a man. She would do anything to please her man."

I nodded as I toyed with my hair. She had been like that to me. It was true.

"But now, she sees you as a woman. Not a man to give herself to, but a woman. In her heart, M believes that you are a woman now. And she treats you as such."

I was suddenly ecstatic. M, my own wife, thought of me as a woman! My face was glowing, as Andrea started to remove her clothes. M thought of me as a woman. I was a woman to her. I was just like Andrea. Oh, the pleasure that gave me to know that my own M thought of me that way!

"She even thinks you have a ***** now" said Andrea, as she removed her bra.

"And ***** equal pleasure" I said, imagining how it would feel to really have one, just like Andrea did.

She was talking to me, and soon I felt that familiar dizziness start to come over me. I was swept away into a warm glowing feeling. A feeling that I realized was coming from between my legs. That was where my ***** was. I was a woman, you see. A woman who felt nothing but pleasure from her *****.

I was walking with Andrea now, down the hall. She was fully dressed again. I tried to walk like she did, and move like her in every way. I wished that I was as pretty of a woman as her. I felt really jealous of her being so much prettier than I was.

We went into a room, and I was glad to see my girlfriend M was there.

"Hello M" I said, giving her a hug and touching cheeks with her.

"Hello Kelli" she replied, hugging me back.

Andrea moved to the side of the room, and opened a door. A man walked in. A tall, muscular man. My heart pounded in my chest. He was such a hunk! He walked over to M. She turned to me and winked. Why was she the lucky one that he liked?

Wordlessly, he pointed to the floor, indicating that he wanted her to kneel. I watched her get down on her knees, then unzip his fly as he pointed down to it. Soon, she had him all hard, and she put his elongated manhood into her mouth. My mouth was watering. Why did she get to have all the fun? She was so lucky!

"How does that make you feel, to see M doing a guy?" asked Andrea.

"She's lucky" I said. "He's hot."

The man looked at me and smiled. My heart raced even faster! I heard Andrea open the door again, and into the room walked another man! He wasn't as good looking as M's guy, but he was a guy none the less. He walked up right in front of me, and I looked down shyly.

"On your knees" he said.

My knees felt so weak! They just buckled, and before I knew it, I was on the floor. I looked up at him. He looked so strong and so big.

"Unzip me" he said.

Almost before the words were out of his mouth, I found my hand on his fly, unzipping him, freeing his rising manhood from the prison of his jeans. I touched it with wonder. It seemed so big! I looked up to him with doe eyes, waiting for his next command. I felt like I could do nothing without him telling me. I felt myself becoming his.

"Suck me like you mean it" he said. "Now."

He didn't need to add on that last word, but I couldn't complain, as I got to work on him.

"Don't look at your wife. Just look at me" he commanded.

I didn't know what he meant by wife. I was a woman. I didn't have a wife! But I didn't have a husband either. I hoped that he might like me enough to propose to me! I'd love to marry a strong man like him. I used my tongue on him, and sucked as hard and as good as I could.

All over I coursed with pleasure. I was a woman, and I was pleasing a man! What could ever make me feel more feminine than this? Moment by moment, as my desire for him grew, my excitement did too. I would do anything he told me! I was so much his now.

"I want you to swallow" he said. The change in his voice told me that he wasn't going to hold out any longer, and he was going to let himself come. I of course did as he asked, swallowing every drop out of him.

"Now turn to look at your wife" he said.

He must have meant M. She was laying on the floor, moaning with pleasure, with the hunk of a man on top of her. The man gave her one giant thrust after another, until he collapsed on top of her, breathless.

"Go now, and suck her out clean" said my man.

"Mmm" I replied. "I can't wait to taste his come."

"Get to it!" said my man. I didn't need any more encouragement, I crawled over, and put my mouth on her, to suck her dry, as my man had ordered.

"Do you love your husband anymore?" asked my man.

"No" said M. "He's not a man anymore. He's become a woman."

"Would you ever make love to him again?" he asked.

"No way! I want a real man. Not her."

I was too busy trying to follow orders to really listen, making sure I got all of the come out of her. I was going to do what my man told me.

"I'm done!" I announced, when I could find no more come inside her *****.

"Be quiet" ordered my man. He walked over to Andrea. She looked so lovely! I wished I was her. I watched her talking to the two men.

"These slaves will do nicely" said M's man. "We'll take them."

"They're going to cost you" said Andrea. "They have been well conditioned."

"I can see that" he replied.

"That one thinks he's a chick" said my man, "And that one has become quite the sl*t."

"Just like you asked for" said Andrea.

M's man was writing out a check. But I didn't pay much attention to that; I was too busy looking at the bulge between my man's legs. I wanted him again. I hoped he was ready to go soon! Mmmm, I wanted to feel him penetrate up into my *****. I couldn't wait to make love to him again and again.

* * *

I set the silver tray down on the kitchen counter, and I sighed. It had been a long night serving the guests. Jack (M's man) and Fredrick (*my* guy) were hosting quite the party, and they were eager to show M and myself off to their guests. Fredrick even let me do him, in front of a select group of guests! I had pulled up my skirt, and let him do me doggie-style. What fun!

I loved wearing the little frilly maid's uniform he had bought me. Fredrick bought me so many beautiful clothes. He always made me feel special. And I loved him so.

I looked up when I heard a door open. I was quite surprised to see that it was Andrea! She had shown up for the party, although she was quite late.

"Hello Kelli" she said.

"Andrea!" I replied. "I'd rush over and give you a hug, but I'm quite the mess, doing all these dishes."

"That's okay" she replied. "Listen. We need to talk."

"Sure hon, what is it?" I asked.

"You have been with Fredrick for almost a month now" she said. "Are you happy?"

"Very much so!" I replied.

"I wanted to offer you a chance at freedom. I can make you feel like a man again, and let you go free."

"A man? Why would I want to feel like a man? Ew!!!!" I said.

"Don't you want to be free?" she asked.

"I am free. Free to give all my love and devotion to Fredrick" I said.

"So you want to stay like this?" she asked.

"I've never been happier in my life!" I said. "At least, what I can remember of it. It's weird; I'm a girl, I've always been a girl, but I can't remember much before last month. But oh well, it can't be worth remembering anyway. I just love my little life, and my big man."

"This is your last chance" she said. "Do you want to stay like this for the rest of your life?"

"You mean stay with Fredrick? Of course! He's a wonderful man, and he loves me. The other women he sees are just for sex. It is me that he loves. I have everything I want. I want this, for the rest of my life" I said.

"I just hope you're happy" she said.

"I am" I replied. "Now enough of this girl-talk. I need to serve drinks to the guests! Would you like a glass of wine?"

"No thanks, I'm just leaving."

"Oh, Andrea?" I said.

"Yes?" she replied, turning back to me.

"Your hair is so lovely. Someday, perhaps you'll let me know who your stylist is. I wish my hair could be as pretty as yours."

"Oh that's so sweet!" she said. "Bye-bye."

"Bye-bye" I said, watching her leave in a swish of skirts.

I loaded up the tray, and returned to the dining room. I had guests to serve, and I didn't dare let Fredrick down. I had promised him I'd show how obedient I could be to everyone. He promised me that if I was a good girl, before the end of the night, he'd let me do a bunch of guys. I couldn't wait! This was going to be so much fun!


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