Junior Weather Girl

Yes, I absolutely LOVE meteorology and weather.... I actually looked into going back to college for a 2nd career and just cannot afford it (and realize that there just aren't many meteorology jobs out there - esp. for a 44 year old...), so I play Junior Weather Girl in all aspects of my life. No, really, I do!!

I have a weather station on my house - it SOOOO doesn't look obnoxious, nor does it even stand out when you drive by my house - honest. I work in a nursing home where my staff need to know if the weather will change the trips they have planned or the location of the afternoon concert, etc. They shake their heads at me, but they do seek out my "up to the minute radar".

It's raining as I type this.... kinda hard, actually .... gotta go check the radar....
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3 Responses Apr 16, 2011

No need to get snarky now! I know where you sleep at night.

Yes, I'm a nerdy Jr. Weather Girl and I'm rather proud of that! :-)

What a nerd. :P