I Would Become A Wolf To Have A Family.

I recently discovered the crimson blood wolf pack. I became very envious of them, their family like qualities, the togetherness, unity, loyalty. Even if they aren't actual wolves, (which idk if they all of them are or not) I love their lifestyle. I would become a wolf to have a pack, to have a family. I've had a tough life, a drunken abusive father, two sisters who always left me out, disloyal friends, and a mother who has lost her way and become depressed and seclusive. My only friends are my boyfriend and my dog. I struggle with my social life, I have trouble staying in school (the passed two years i have withdrawn completely towards the end of the school year) I know wolves wouldn't wish it upon anyone to be what they are. But I would do it, if it meant gaining a pack to always turn to. A place, a group of people, to always feel at home with.
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18-21, F
1 Response Jun 6, 2012

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