Going To Try And Answer Some Questions About...

...Being a werewolf.
I want to try and give information to others as best as I can, so ask away; the wolf is waiting.

WereMoons WereMoons
1 Response Sep 8, 2012

hey Rury your the second wolf i run into... gimme the basics on wolf training

Wolf training you say? Hnn, I'll try to do my best. Please excuse any spelling errors I may have haha.
Wolf training, I'm not too sure where to start, and I hope I can answer your question.
Let's see.. like, assuming this is what you mean, training the wolf and keeping it under control gets easier over time. A few things that help are making sure you're always full, or rather, don't let your wolf side get hungry enough to force you in to a rage of blind feedings. Also, I see that getting enough sleep is a bit helpful too, though it's not fully important unless it gets out of hand.
I'm not sure if that helped much at all, and if you have any more questions feel free to ask. ^^;

thats cool take care of each other we are all individuals with the same needs

True that. Though we may never meet in person, we're still a 'pack' and we need to look out for all our brothers and sisters. c: