Odd Experience...?

Lol first of all recently I've been taking up this whole group thing. xD I feel like I'm the only one posting.. Probably because I am.. *cough* Anyways..

Today when I was laying on my couch, I was thinking about all the P-Shifting Methods I have read about, and started to slightly think about one of the methods I have read, keeping that one in my mind in general. So, I guess I was pretty tired, but my mind kept going, not expecting anything to happen, and I must have gone in to some sort of REM state, if that term is being used correctly for the experience. I was thinking about it, and then when I got to a certain part, my whole body shuddered and I lost my train of thought, not being able to regain what I was just thinking about for a good 5 minutes, maybe more. The shudder felt sort of like that jolt you get when you have a bad dream and your body sort of..convulses..(sorry for any grammar/spelling mistakes, just saying in sort of advance. xD) and you wake up, but it felt different, because my eyes didn't really fly open, they sort of just opened half way, and the actual shake felt a bit different.
It left me sort of confused, but I ended up going back to sleep.

Anyone else ever experienced this?
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1 Response Sep 9, 2012

Lol apparently not... I forgot I even wrote this.. *comments on own story*