Wolf Mentality. And I Get More Obsessed Everyday

wolves are so majestic specifically alaskan huskies foxes of all sorts wolves themselves they work for whats important where as family pet dogs get things handed to them and it isnt fair but at the same time it is they get what they need easy but they can never be free to roam push there bodies to the limit and go beyond like a wolf this is what makes them amazing way awesome then the rest well wolves I'm naturally attracted to the folklore behind they arent wicked like vampires who make deals with demons to be who they are you have to be chosen into an exclusive group of righteous and the way they go out for each other fighting for those you love defending innocent people even if they make you out to be evil wolves deserve to be prideful its just how i feel oh and i like the warm feeling of the sun but im secure in the cold night time and thats odd how i like the outdoors better that way the woods just seems like home to me grass trees big open space its really calling and the moon i love it its perfect its like it beckons to you with its stillness and dim but bright glow its mysterious i feel powerful when its out its like when your down and you look at it it lifts your mood and i know for sure people have heard all this before but yeah... i cut my hair and it was a very dumb idea cause i feel naked now and i want it back its black and really thick hard to manage ha i always kind of noticed im awkward but funny and welcoming with a certain type earn your way but place dominant over everything else and its i dont know what it is but running i love it the way it makes you feel strong like no one can stop you from being you running in the daytime makes me feel exposed but at night im safe the dim light of the pale moonlight im like spiritually free and physically i feeled trapped in a body the can only do so much and i hate that but hey nothing i can do but my plan for the future is moving to alaska or forks lots of trees and open fields plants and animals if i could lucid dream it would be about my life as a complete black furred wolf with blue and brown eyes i on the other hand am african american cherokee and creo with these really big brown eyes and long limbs but a kind of small center um like a daddy long legs and oh im 14 going 15 december 26 and i cant wait for the winter solstice i just know im going to want to run and be beyond my own physical limits that night but yea black hair really dark i think its brown but veryyyy dark and im so nice until i get angry and its never really pretty err but yea i mean cant think of much else so ill post later.
moxychic moxychic
18-21, F
Dec 8, 2012