Is There A Werewolf In Germany?

I researched a lot about Werewolves and German Werewolves but i don´t get any results how could it be that there are so many Werewolves in USA and no one in Germany? Is here anybody who is from Germany and can help me to get some answers about Werewolves?

I only want to find someone with whom i can talk about Werewolves or someone who can prove me that they really exist.
Wolfgirl1312 Wolfgirl1312
2 Responses Jan 9, 2013

I am a werewolf. It is somewhat fun, other than having all your bones break, reform, and come back together, but it happens really fast.

yeah iam from germany^^. It´s hard to find someone who thinks the same way. One of my friends is an awaken demon, but no werewolfs around. Maybe i can help you^^